Building a Working Washington Health Care System

Health care system improvement in Washington State is a critical element that will drive economic recovery and job creation. As governor, I will bring together stakeholders to implement best practices and adopt innovations that promote efficiencies and quality. Click here to download the full plan.

As governor, I will focus on strengthening the economic recovery in Washington State.  Everything that can be done will be done to drive job creation across existing sectors, like aerospace manufacturing, as well as newer sectors, like energy.  

Key to achieving this goal will be investing in education and containing the spiraling cost of health care for employees, while improving their health.  Likewise, in the public sector, our task is to build on the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage while also improving quality.

My approach includes multiple strategies to increase access, improve quality and bends the cost curve. It will employ innovations that have proven to work, and will implement them across the public and private sectors.   

I rely on good, smart ideas – whether those are Democratic or Republican ideas – because that is exactly what Washington citizens expect, and deserve, from their next governor.

Here is my 11-point platform to building a Working Washington Health Care System:

 1.  Extend coverage to hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians by expanding Medicaid while also examining the option of a federal Basic Health Option

 2.  Realign the financial incentives in state contracts for Medicaid and public employee health care to pay for care that makes a difference, while supporting similar payment models in the private insurance market that will pay for the right care in the right setting 

 3.  Adopt strategies to improve employee health through incentives for health improvement and better management of chronic disease

 4.  Provide consumers with clear and timely information on costs and the quality of care by health care providers and insurance companies

 5.  Reduce litigation in health care by supporting quality care and open communication between providers and patients

 6.  Implement a state health care exchange to decrease costs and allow Washingtonians to draw federal support to gain access to insurance coverage

 7.  Foster collaboration between patients, providers, plans, payers and public agencies, to encourage community-based models of care

 8.  Continue to improve efforts that allow seniors and family members with disabilities to receive home care, through home- and community-based services

 9.  Make Washington a healthier state with a focus on childhood obesity

 10. Stabilize rural emergency services and primary care funding

 11. Meet the need for an expanded health care workforce by implementing reforms that will support the training of more providers, while helping all providers deliver the best care possible

Click here to download the full plan.