My positions on key issues



  • In Congress, Jay Inslee has supported measures to increase innovation in the classroom, lower class sizes and provide funding to states to prevent teacher layoffs. 
  • As governor, Jay Inslee knows that education equals jobs.  That’s why he will champion new, innovative classrooms that prepare students of today for the jobs of tomorrow, including an increased emphasis on STEM (science, technology, education, and math) graduates.  Jay's education plan is tailored for Washington. It puts kids first and will produce results.




  • Jay is recognized as an environmental champion who has fought to protect the beauty and natural resources that make Washington famous the world over.   He has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, their first gubernatorial endorsement in 30 years, the Sierra Club and Washington Conservation Voters.  


  • As governor, Jay will change the way Olympia works. At a time when every penny matters, he will work to root out wasteful spending and implement quality improvement measures, also known as lean management practices, that have successfully helped local businesses such as Virginia Mason and Boeing make more efficient use of their people and resources. As someone who hasn’t been mired in the bureaucracies of Olympia, Jay is willing to rock the boat, bring in new talent and cut through the ranks of middle management.


  • Jay envisions a connected, multi-modal and well-maintained transportation system that will maximize our ability to move people and goods.   He supports light rail and will stand against efforts that threaten to take our state backward, including obstructionist Eyman-like initiatives and lawsuits such as those from prominent Eyman backer Kemper Freeman.


  • As a member of Congress, Jay Inslee has prioritized the well being of military veterans. Jay’s leadership in pursuing health and economic security for Washington’s veterans is reflected in the Congressional Record, which shows a holistic and long-term commitment to those who have served our country.
  • Jay will build on the tremendous work our state Department of Veterans Affairs is already doing to better connect veterans with the training opportunities and jobs they need and deserve after their military careers have ended.

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