Protecting Washington’s Quality of Life

As Washington’s families suffer one of the most painful economic periods in history, our state faces a challenge in making sure future generations can look forward to a good quality of life, not only with good jobs and a quality education system, but with a clean, healthy environment, affordable transportation and a secure neighborhood.

Jay understands that even if one is lucky enough to have a good job these days, that doesn’t guarantee they’ve got a good quality of life. That’s why Jay isn’t afraid to stand up for the values and priorities that  make sure Washington remains the envy of the rest of America as the best place to live, start a business,  and raise a family. 

As someone who lived nearly 20 years in Eastern Washington, Jay will fight to strengthen our rural economies and preserve the agricultural heritage that has put Washington on the map for everything from apples to wine.

As someone who grew up along the shores of Puget Sound, Jay has been a strong supporter of efforts to clean those troubled waters, including co-sponsoring the Puget Sound Recovery Act. As governor, Jay is committed to protecting and enhancing Washington’s natural spaces, an economic asset that makes Washington the most beautiful place to live and work.

Just as Jay believes that environmental protection and clean energy are important tools in creating a new economy, so too are smart, future-oriented transportation decisions. Ensuring we have an efficient, well-planned transportation system – whether it’s a new North Spokane Corridor, light rail to the Eastside, a new 520 bridge or Columbia River Crossing, or faster railways – our infrastructure plays an incredibly important role in protecting our environment and creating jobs. As governor, Jay will ensure we make smart investments that help our farmers and businesses get their products quickly to market and provide commuters safe, reliable and affordable transportation options.

But quality of life isn’t just about waterways and freeways. It’s also about people. Washington is a state where we respect one another as citizens and bestow upon every citizen the same rights and responsibilities. As governor, Jay will support marriage equality and the end of all forms of discrimination. He’ll protect women’s rights and access to reproductive health care.

Jay, who worked as a prosecutor while living in Selah, will also work to ensure we have safe, secure neighborhoods and that our police and firefighters get the support they need and critical public safety investments are maintained. 

Jay Inslee is the kind of future-oriented, independent-thinking leader we need to lead us in building a working Washington. 

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