Clean tech business leaders endorse Jay Inslee and his clean tech jobs plan

A group of clean tech entrepreneurs from around the state gathered today to endorse Jay Inslee for governor and their support for his clean tech jobs plan.

Rick Luebbe, CEO of Energ2, noted Inslee’s plan is clearly tailored to unleashing both the capital and the demand that is needed to help new clean energy businesses thrive.

“Jay understands this industry and what we can do to make Washington State a leading global competitor,” said Luebbe. “I’m proud to be endorsing Jay and his jobs plan.”

Susan Petty, President of Alta Rock, noted that Inslee’s plan gives more than just lip-service to creating jobs and supporting innovative new businesses.

“It’s easy to just say you want to lower costs or cut regulations, but it’s hard to identify the kinds of policies that will ensure an emerging industry like ours is set up for success,” said Petty. “But that’s what Jay’s plan does – it creates a path for us to move forward as a state to becoming a global hub in the new clean energy economy.”

Inslee rolled out his comprehensive jobs plan in February with dozens of ideas for growing existing and emerging industries – aerospace, military, agriculture, information technology, life sciences, maritime and clean tech. The clean tech industry is one in which Inslee has become a noted national leader, having written Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy, a book that President Bill Clinton called a “field guide for our future.”

Other business owners who appeared to endorse Inslee today included: * John Plaza, President and CEO of Imperium Renewables, Inc. * Todd Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Imperium Renewables, Inc. * Graham Noyes, Partner at Stoel Rives * Burt Hamner, CEO and Founder of Hydrovolts * John Flanaga, President and Founding Partner of Itek Energy * Gary Schaver, President of Silicon Energy * Kelly Sampson, Founder of Itek Energy * Karl Unterschuetz, Project Coordinator at Itek Energy * Stan Gent, President and CEO of Seattle Steam * Michael Campbell, Managing Director of RA Power & Light * Joe Martinac, President of JM Martinac Shipbuilding

Photos from today’s event can be found here.

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