Jay Inslee reels in support of Northwest sportsfishing group

“In the hundreds of candidate interviews conducted by our representatives over several years, few have demonstrated the level of understanding and commitment to the future of sport fishing than Congressman Jay Inslee,” said Liz Hamilton, executive director of the Northwest Sportsfishing Industry Association, at an event announcing the group’s endorsement of Inslee for governor.

Hamilton says the Northwest sportsfishing industry supports nearly 31,000 jobs and generates three billion dollars in economic activity per year.

“Frankly, I and members of our industry have been blown away by the detailed knowledge Jay articulates regarding the importance recreational fishing in helping fuel or states' economic recovery. He demonstrates a keen understanding of the science surrounding salmon recovery and the barriers growing sports fishing jobs in Washington State,” continued Hamilton. “Washington was once #10 in the nation for sport fishing economics, and we believe we can regain that crown.  We are committed to rolling up our sleeves, growing our fishery resources and the jobs in our industry with future Governor Jay Inslee.”

Inslee was joined by State Representative Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), a longtime champion of recreational fishing and conservation, who talked about the important role a governor plays in promoting conservation and fishery policies. He said Inslee “understands the ethic of the west, that this is a worthy place to live because of our rivers, the sea, mountains, forests, wildlife and fish. This is in contrast to his opponent who had to be sued by the Department of Natural Resources to force him to defend the public’s land.”

Inslee spoke recently to Outdoor Line on ESPN sports radio in Seattle about gill nets and the Columbia mainstem, fishery and hatchery policies to increase recreational fishing opportunities, cormorants and sea lions, and more. You can hear his interview here.

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