Jay Inslee releases health care proposal to reduce costs, increase access and health

FEDERAL WAY – Today, Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for governor, released a series of health care proposals aimed at reigning in health care costs by helping more people access primary care and incentivizing quality of care instead of quantity of services. Inslee’s proposals are intended to bend down the cost curve and improve the quality of care.  

“Reigning in health care costs is one of the most important tasks facing every government, every family and every business in this country,” said Inslee. “At the same time, I believe – and so do most Washingtonians – that people should be able to see a doctor no matter what their income. Making sure everyone can get the care they need is part of the social compact we make as citizens, and a crucial step to stemming spiraling costs.”

Inslee’s plan includes specific proposals to leverage new opportunities during implementation of the Affordable Care Act to cover more people – including expansion of Medicaid – and improve the insurance marketplace. Inslee also shared proposals for reducing costs for state employees and costs associated with litigation, adopting cost-effective community-based models of care and addressing reimbursement issues for rural providers.

Inslee was joined by a group of providers including Dr. Theodore Bridge, President of the Northwest Physicians Network, longtime health care advocates such as former State Senator Rosa Franklin, and Regina Owens, grandmother of Marcelas Owens, the 11-year-old boy who made headlines last year when he testified in favor of the Affordable Care Act after his mother died from cancer and was unable to get care due to lack of insurance.

Inslee’s plan is also supported by small business owners, such as Joe Fugere, owner of Tutta Bella Pizzaria, “I’m a small business owner who, like most employers, wants to help my employees find affordable health care coverage. It’s not just the right thing to do, but it makes economic sense to have healthy, productive people working for you. But it’s a challenge, and Jay has been willing to find sensible solutions that will bring down costs for everyone and ultimately help more business owners like me take care of my employees and their families.”

You can see details of Inslee’s plan here.

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