Jay Inslee statement on state Senate GOP's budget

Jay Inslee today released the following statement regarding the budget bill introduced late last Friday by state Senate Republicans.

“The budget proposal put forth by Senate Republicans – an 11th hour proposal put to a vote without any public input – defies common sense. If Republicans want to put us in a race against the likes of Louisiana and Wisconsin, this budget is the way to do it. We cannot afford the $74 million they want to cut from schools and colleges and the damage it would do to our ability to grow our economy. The Senate Republicans are taking us backwards at a time we must focus on the future and restoring our commitment to our children’s education. I urge legislators to remain steadfast against further cuts to education. And I hope my opponent, Rob McKenna, who has claimed he wants to increase education funding, will join me in urging legislators to re-prioritize funding for our schools.”

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