Jay Inslee News Feed http://www.jayinslee.com/news/rss Jay Inslee News Feed Mon, 12 Sept 2011 05:00:00 +0000 AMPS en hourly 1 Jay Inslee reels in support of Northwest sportsfishing group http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/jay-inslee-reels-in-support-of-northwest-sportsfishing-group Wed, 31 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/jay-inslee-reels-in-support-of-northwest-sportsfishing-group “In the hundreds of candidate interviews conducted by our representatives over several years, few have demonstrated the level of understanding and commitment to the future of sport fishing than Congressman Jay Inslee,” said Liz Hamilton, executive director of the Northwest Sportsfishing Industry Association, at an event announcing the group’s endorsement of Inslee for governor.

Hamilton says the Northwest sportsfishing industry supports nearly 31,000 jobs and generates three billion dollars in economic activity per year.

“Frankly, I and members of our industry have been blown away by the detailed knowledge Jay articulates regarding the importance recreational fishing in helping fuel or states' economic recovery. He demonstrates a keen understanding of the science surrounding salmon recovery and the barriers growing sports fishing jobs in Washington State,” continued Hamilton. “Washington was once #10 in the nation for sport fishing economics, and we believe we can regain that crown.  We are committed to rolling up our sleeves, growing our fishery resources and the jobs in our industry with future Governor Jay Inslee.”

Inslee was joined by State Representative Hans Dunshee (D-Snohomish), a longtime champion of recreational fishing and conservation, who talked about the important role a governor plays in promoting conservation and fishery policies. He said Inslee “understands the ethic of the west, that this is a worthy place to live because of our rivers, the sea, mountains, forests, wildlife and fish. This is in contrast to his opponent who had to be sued by the Department of Natural Resources to force him to defend the public’s land.”

Inslee spoke recently to Outdoor Line on ESPN sports radio in Seattle about gill nets and the Columbia mainstem, fishery and hatchery policies to increase recreational fishing opportunities, cormorants and sea lions, and more. You can hear his interview here.

It's official - biggest contributor to Rob McKenna is Republican State Party http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/its-official-biggest-contributor-to-rob-mckenna-is-republican-state-party Wed, 17 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/its-official-biggest-contributor-to-rob-mckenna-is-republican-state-party After more than a year of hypocritically bashing his opponent for accepting contributions from the state Democratic party, Republican Rob McKenna's most recent fundraising reports reveal an enormous influx of Republican party money to the tune of $1.7 million - making the Republican State Party his largest contributor to date.

McKenna's campaign manager, Randy Pepple, told the Associated Press this past April that "...the McKenna campaign won't be dependent on party support to prop up poor fundraising figures, like Jay Inslee is right now."

Heading into the final weeks of the campaign, McKenna is not just receiving an enormous influx of state party money, but is also counting on independent expenditures from the Koch Bros-backed Republican Governors Association that now top $11.3 million.

"After months of falling behind in polls, it's now McKenna who has to admit that he's counting on his Republican friends to prop him up as we near election day," said Inslee spokeswoman, Jaime Smith. "For someone who spent a year decrying his opponent for accepting support from his party, this has 'hypocrisy' written all over it."

This is the second bad fundraising news development for the McKenna campaign this week. On Monday, McKenna, who personally accused Inslee of making illegal transfers into his gubernatorial campaign account, was chastised by the state's Public Disclosure Committee for filing a complaint against Inslee that were found to have "no substance."

In Case You Missed It: Times says McKenna ad wrong; he's voted for tax increases http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-times-says-mckenna-ad-wrong-hes-voted-for-tax-increases Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-times-says-mckenna-ad-wrong-hes-voted-for-tax-increases Republican Rob McKenna, who is proving more and more to be little more than a “pour-and-stir Republican,” is taking a play from his backers and rewriting history – both his own and his opponent’s.

The Seattle Times notes in their most recent Truth Needle that McKenna, who claims in a current TV ad that he "has always opposed property-tax increases," actually voted for property tax increases more than a dozen times while on the King County Council. The article also notes that “the property-tax-swap proposal supported by McKenna would result in taxes going up in some areas.”

The Times concludes “The ad's assertions about Inslee's tax votes are not completely on target and the claim that McKenna ‘has always opposed property-tax increases’ is false.”

Health care and choice leaders say women need Jay Inslee’s leadership on upcoming issues http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/health-care-and-choice-leaders-say-women-need-jay-inslees-leadership-on-upcoming-issues Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/health-care-and-choice-leaders-say-women-need-jay-inslees-leadership-on-upcoming-issues SEATTLE – Funding for family planning, passage of the Reproductive Parity Act, and implementation of health care reforms and Medicaid expansion are just some of the legislative issues that will require leadership from our next governor said a coalition of health care and choice leaders today. That need for leadership, they said, is why they are supporting Jay Inslee for governor.

Medicaid expansion and implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been a much-noted difference in the race between Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna, who was part of the effort to overturn the new law. Inslee’s campaign just released a new ad focusing on how McKenna’s lawsuit would reverse steps that have increased access to health care and family planning services for women.

Gathered near the pharmacy counter at Katterman’s, one of the first pharmacies in the nation to provide Plan B, women leaders described what’s at stake in the upcoming legislative session and why Inslee is the only candidate they trust to be a pro-choice governor.

Trudi Inslee, a former NARAL board member and longtime advocate on women’s issues, noted her husband’s long record of working on and supporting health care and choice for women.

State Senator Karen Keiser spoke about the need for a partner in the governor’s office to help pass the Reproductive Parity Act, a bill she introduced last session to ensure parity for choice services in insurance plans that cover maternity services. She also recounted how Senate Republicans tried to cut family planning funding last session and will likely try to do so again. 

“I don’t look forward to working on a budget that would end up cutting family planning funding and other funding that’s critical to women’s health,” said Keiser, who pointed to examples like breast and cervical cancer screening programs. “These could be at risk unless Jay Inslee is elected governor.”

Monica Harrington, co-chair of Washington Women for Choice, pointed out that new research is showing access to contraception is successful at reducing pregnancy and abortion rates, yet access to contraception remains at risk.

Robin Fleming, a nurse who spoke on behalf of the Washington State Nurses Association, described how the ACA and Medicaid expansion are essential for improving access to care for tens of thousands of women and their families.

Jennifer Brown, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, noted that McKenna’s refusal to meet with them and his record of avoiding or opposing priority issues make it clear that Inslee is the only pro-choice candidate for governor.

"When so many of the health and family planning services that women depend on are under attack, both nationally and in Washington State, it's critical our next governor is someone we trust to fight for us," said Lindsay Roitman, former board member of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest. "I trust Jay. He was a stalwart defender of women's health care and choice as a congressman, and I know he'll do the same as our next governor."

In Case You Missed It: McKenna campaign blog trots out anti-gay rhetoric http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-mckenna-campaign-blog-trots-out-anti-gay-rhetoric Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-mckenna-campaign-blog-trots-out-anti-gay-rhetoric That’s the headline on Publicola today where they feature an excerpt on a McKenna campaign blog post about what “real women” think of the Republican candidate.

McKenna’s women say “They don’t want free stuff, nor do they want their children being taught alternate lifestyles by strangers. They care about values like personal responsibility, character, and perseverance.”

McKenna’s campaign apparently realized that publicly promoting anti-gay rhetoric in a state poised to approve marriage equality isn’t politically correct, so the blog post was pulled down. But you can see the post for yourself here.

“Real women” seem to have differing opinions about McKenna, including those who spoke in this TV ad and who met yesterday to talk about health care and choice issues coming up in the 2013 legislative session.

Say WHAT? Republican Rob McKenna says state IS amply providing for basic education http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/say-what-republican-rob-mckenna-says-state-is-amply-providing-for-basic-education Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:25:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/say-what-republican-rob-mckenna-says-state-is-amply-providing-for-basic-education Republican Rob McKenna has a way with words – as in saying one thing, then saying another. One of the clearest examples may surprise you because it deals with his number one stated priority – education funding.

According to McKenna, the state IS meeting its constitutional obligation to fund our schools, over-reliance on local levies is not a problem, and recent reforms passed by the Legislature are adequate to addressing the long-term deficiencies of our school funding system.

  • “[There is] no basis for suggesting that poor student performance is caused by inadequate funding or that increased funding will improve outcomes for Washington’s students.”
  • “[Over-reliance on local levies] was the problem [in the 1970s]... It is not the problem now.”
  • “[The Supreme Court] incorrectly [ruled] that state funding must be ‘stable and dependable’ and must come exclusively from state revenue sources.”
  • “The State amply provides for basic education, as defined, programmed, and funded in state law… recently enacted substantive and financial reforms of basic education will cure any deficiencies in the current system.”

AG McKenna’s rhetoric certainly doesn’t match Candidate McKenna’s rhetoric, and this is just a small sample of the arguments he and his office have made before the Supreme Court in appealing the McCleary case.

But isn’t it his job to defend the state? Not according to McKenna. He says it’s his choice.

In the same year his office appealed McCleary, the Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark had to take McKenna to court to force the state to file an appeal on his behalf after McKenna had refused. McKenna’s position was clear:

“The Attorney General possesses broad discretion to determine whether and how to initiate or defend litigation by or against the State or its officers or agencies. His duty is to exercise that discretion.”

[Brief of Respondent Robert McKenna, 87404-5, Washington State Supreme Court, 10/08/10]

A detailed side-by-side look at McKenna’s defense of the state’s inadequate education funding compared to his contradictory campaign rhetoric can be found here.

“We know education reform and funding is one of the priority issues for many voters. And it should be,” said Jay Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “When it comes to words, Jay is willing to do the one thing that Rob McKenna isn’t, and that’s be straight with voters about a viable path forward in improving our schools.”

When Inslee released his education plan, both “reformers” and educators came together in support of his vision for fostering innovation in our classrooms and focusing our resources on the things we know matter most to student success – things like quality teaching, dynamic principal leadership, and access to early learning. His proposals include rigorous teacher evaluations and increased mentoring, an innovative schools program to give districts more resources and flexibility to adopt new kinds of curricula, targeted strategies for helping low-performing schools, and realistic strategies for keeping us on track to meet both the moral and legal obligation of fully funding basic education.

“McKenna chose to vigorously defend the state’s inadequate funding, then completely changed his tune when he decided to run for office,” continued Smith. “His funding plan doesn’t pencil out and now we know why – his official position is the status quo works just fine and new funding isn’t needed. Jay has never wavered about his commitment to improving our schools and never will.”

Final debate highlights McKenna’s cynicism, Inslee’s commitment to rebuilding middle class http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/final-debate-highlights-mckennas-cynicism-inslees-commitment-to-rebuilding-middle-class Tue, 16 Oct 2012 23:28:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/final-debate-highlights-mckennas-cynicism-inslees-commitment-to-rebuilding-middle-class SEATTLE - In the fifth and final debate between the candidates, the differences are clear – Jay Inslee has a detailed plan for creating jobs, a realistic plan for funding education, and the same forward-looking views on issues like marriage and choice as the majority of Washingtonians. Republican Rob McKenna continues to offer only generic talking points on jobs, cynical funding gimmicks and conservative social views that are giving voters pause.

“Republican Rob McKenna has failed to explain to workers how he will create jobs, tries to hide his proposed property tax increase on middle-class families, and can’t reassure women he’ll fight for them when state Republicans try again to cut family planning funding,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “Washington is a forward-looking state and wants a forward-looking governor. Only Jay has the vision and experience to rebuild Washington’s economy and stand up for working families.”

Throughout his campaign, Inslee has made a strong case for an economic development plan that leverages Washington’s advantages in key industries such as maritime, agriculture, aerospace, life sciences and clean energy. He has promoted specific reforms that will improve Washington’s schools, reiterated the benefits of implementing reforms that are essential to curbing health care inflation, and detailed cost-saving strategies for making government agencies more efficient. And Inslee is the only candidate with a clear record of supporting marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose.

“Repeatedly, all throughout this campaign, McKenna’s numbers and claims have been fact-checked and truth needled,” says Smith. “Jay knows voters want – and deserve – an honest conversation about how we can put people back to work, strengthen our education system and reform state government. He’s the only candidate who refuses to make empty promises and offer a reality-based plan for building a working Washington.”

In Case You Missed It: PDC unanimously agrees McKenna’s allegations against Inslee have “no substance” http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-pdc-unanimously-agrees-mckennas-allegations-against-inslee-have-no-substance Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-case-you-missed-it-pdc-unanimously-agrees-mckennas-allegations-against-inslee-have-no-substance The Washington State Public Disclosure Committee met yesterday in a special meeting to address allegations from Republican Rob McKenna against Jay Inslee. McKenna’s campaign filed the complaint requesting a 45-day window for response, clearly hoping to generate headlines they could use in attacks against Inslee. Their tactic failed.

In a unanimous decision, the PDC voted to dismiss the complaint, which baselessly alleged that Inslee had illegally transferred campaign funds from his congressional account to his gubernatorial account. One commissioner remarked, “I think, in credit to the Inslee campaign, they did their research. They did it the right way. And unfortunately we have a 45-day letter that has no substance regarding the allegations.”

“McKenna himself hurled accusations against Jay that he hoped to use for purely political gain,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “This kind of partisan gamesmanship is a waste of the PDC’s time. Voters expect more from the state’s top lawyer.”

Four debates, four failures for McKenna to articulate plan to create jobs http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/four-debates-four-failures-for-mckenna-to-articulate-plan-to-create-jobs Fri, 12 Oct 2012 00:12:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/four-debates-four-failures-for-mckenna-to-articulate-plan-to-create-jobs SEATTLE – The fourth gubernatorial debate between Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna revealed once again that key differences remain between the candidates including their plans – or lack thereof – to grow Washington’s economy and create jobs.

In a first-time-ever debate broadcast statewide on every major network, the candidates addressed issues from education to women’s choice to health care. A key distinction between the candidates was McKenna’s generic jobs plan based on “deregulation” and “lower costs” while Inslee pointed repeatedly to a comprehensive jobs plan tailored to capitalize on Washington’s competitive advantages in key industries and described his experience working with those industries.

“McKenna has already stated clearly he doesn’t think a governor can create jobs, but Jay knows better and so do the nearly 300,000 people in our state looking for jobs,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “While McKenna served up desperate, tired attacks about taxing and spending and gimmicky proposals for education funding, Jay clearly articulated a forward-moving vision for Washington State.”

“McKenna’s inability to address the number one issue of top concern for most voters is hurting him, and so is the growing realization that he’s on the wrong side of issues like marriage equality, choice for women and health care for all Washingtonians,” said Smith.

The fifth and final debate is next Tuesday.

Bill Clinton endorses Jay Inslee’s jobs plan in new ad http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/bill-clinton-endorses-jay-inslees-jobs-plan-in-new-ad Wed, 10 Oct 2012 14:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/bill-clinton-endorses-jay-inslees-jobs-plan-in-new-ad Jay Inslee’s jobs plan is going to put Washington “right at the front of the line in bringing America into the future business” says former President Bill Clinton.

In Inslee’s newest ad, Clinton, who also served as governor of Arkansas, emphasizes that governors can make a difference and says Inslee’s economic strategy proposals to target industries like clean energy, aerospace and agriculture are not rocket science, but “great economics.”

Inslee’s opponent, Republican Rob McKenna, has yet to propose a real jobs plan because, as he recently told reporter Jerry Cornfield, “My administration isn't going to create jobs. No governor creates jobs.”

You can view “The Future Business” here.

New Inslee ad highlights who firefighters support in race for governor – Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-inslee-ad-highlights-who-firefighters-support-in-race-for-governor-jay-inslee Tue, 09 Oct 2012 12:30:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-inslee-ad-highlights-who-firefighters-support-in-race-for-governor-jay-inslee Fighting fiery false attacks from Republican Rob McKenna’s allies, Washington’s firefighters are standing up for Jay Inslee in a new ad titled “Preserve.”

The Washington State Firefighters announced their support for Inslee at a rally early this year. The ad highlights why they are supporting Jay, from protecting pensions to speaking out against property tax increases to hundreds of thousands of working families to his plan for creating jobs.

“Rob McKenna wants to increase property taxes on thousands of struggling homeowners, and has yet to propose a real plan for creating jobs,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “His Republican friends can try to distort the truth, but firefighters and Washington voters know it’s Jay Inslee they can trust.”

Debates: Inslee 3, McKenna 0 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/debates-inslee-3-mckenna-0 Wed, 03 Oct 2012 10:58:44 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/debates-inslee-3-mckenna-0 YAKIMA – The third debate between the candidates for governor revealed one clear fact: Jay Inslee is the only candidate offering a detailed plan to address the top challenge facing Washington’s next governor – creating jobs.

It’s no wonder, since Republican Rob McKenna has admitted that job creation is not something he plans to do. He recently told the Herald’s Jerry Cornfield - “My administration isn’t going to create jobs. No governor creates jobs.”

“Jobs and the economy are the number one concern of most voters in Washington, and now we know why Republican Rob McKenna has been unable to articulate a clear jobs plan – because he simply does not have one,” remarked Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “What he does have is a growing record of misleading voters about where he stands on issues like taxes and health care. Voters, fortunately, are seeing right through it.”

In past weeks, as McKenna has struggled in the polls and in fundraising, he and his allies have desperately tried to remain balanced on a political tightrope, but the shifting ground is causing them to stumble.

McKenna, who has campaigned on a promise to not raise taxes, has been promoting a proposal that would raise property taxes on families and businesses in up to half of the school districts in Washington. He’s been called out for airing an ad attacking Inslee for plans to streamline economic development efforts, but failed to mention the businesswoman criticizing government “bureaucracy” also publicly endorsed a government-funded business assistance program. And he continues to repeat misleading claims about health care reforms and Medicaid.

“Washingtonians want someone who believes in the people of our state and who they can trust to move us forward – whether it’s the economy and education or issues such as choice and marriage equality,” says Smith. “Jay’s ideas for putting people back to work and standing up for the values that make Washington the best place to live and work stand in stark contrast to McKenna’s cynical rhetoric and do-nothing philosophy on governing.”

New ad and website points out Republican Rob McKenna’s hypocritical calls for no tax increases http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-ad-and-website-points-out-republican-rob-mckennas-hypocritical-calls-for-no-tax-increases Tue, 02 Oct 2012 18:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-ad-and-website-points-out-republican-rob-mckennas-hypocritical-calls-for-no-tax-increases Like many politicians, Republican Rob McKenna tries to to have it both ways. At an August 29 debate in Vancouver, McKenna said clearly, “The voters have been very clear that they’re not interested in higher tax rates.” But since April, McKenna has been promoting an idea that would raise property taxes for many.

For months McKenna has been promising billions in new education spending without new taxes, but his proposal includes a stealthy budget gimmick that would raise property taxes for property owners in more than 100 school districts across Washington without providing more money for our schools.

“From health care to women’s issues and now to taxes, Republican Rob McKenna consistently says one thing but then does something different,” says Jay Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “Once again, McKenna is proving that he simply isn’t who he says he is, and voters are quickly realizing he can’t be trusted.”

The new ad can be seen at www.propertytaxswap.com.

Additional background and script is available here.

Republican Rob McKenna adopts line of attack used by his Republican allies http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/republican-rob-mckenna-adopts-line-of-attack-used-by-his-republican-allies Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:43:12 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/republican-rob-mckenna-adopts-line-of-attack-used-by-his-republican-allies Using the same generic attacks launched by DC Republicans, Rob McKenna has gone on the attack to blanket the airwaves with baseless distortions of Jay Inslee’s record.

“Republican Rob McKenna is desperately trying to gain traction in these final weeks, resorting to generic Republican attacks that grossly distort Jay’s record of standing up for middle-class families and businesses,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “Voters won’t be fooled, though. Jay Inslee is the only candidate for governor with a real plan to create jobs and build a working Washington - a plan endorsed by business leaders across the state."

More information here.

Jay Inslee releases health care proposal to reduce costs, increase access and health http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/jay-inslee-releases-health-care-proposal-to-reduce-costs-increase-access-and-health Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:15:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/jay-inslee-releases-health-care-proposal-to-reduce-costs-increase-access-and-health FEDERAL WAY – Today, Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for governor, released a series of health care proposals aimed at reigning in health care costs by helping more people access primary care and incentivizing quality of care instead of quantity of services. Inslee’s proposals are intended to bend down the cost curve and improve the quality of care.  

“Reigning in health care costs is one of the most important tasks facing every government, every family and every business in this country,” said Inslee. “At the same time, I believe – and so do most Washingtonians – that people should be able to see a doctor no matter what their income. Making sure everyone can get the care they need is part of the social compact we make as citizens, and a crucial step to stemming spiraling costs.”

Inslee’s plan includes specific proposals to leverage new opportunities during implementation of the Affordable Care Act to cover more people – including expansion of Medicaid – and improve the insurance marketplace. Inslee also shared proposals for reducing costs for state employees and costs associated with litigation, adopting cost-effective community-based models of care and addressing reimbursement issues for rural providers.

Inslee was joined by a group of providers including Dr. Theodore Bridge, President of the Northwest Physicians Network, longtime health care advocates such as former State Senator Rosa Franklin, and Regina Owens, grandmother of Marcelas Owens, the 11-year-old boy who made headlines last year when he testified in favor of the Affordable Care Act after his mother died from cancer and was unable to get care due to lack of insurance.

Inslee’s plan is also supported by small business owners, such as Joe Fugere, owner of Tutta Bella Pizzaria, “I’m a small business owner who, like most employers, wants to help my employees find affordable health care coverage. It’s not just the right thing to do, but it makes economic sense to have healthy, productive people working for you. But it’s a challenge, and Jay has been willing to find sensible solutions that will bring down costs for everyone and ultimately help more business owners like me take care of my employees and their families.”

You can see details of Inslee’s plan here.

Fact Check: McKenna’s Claim to be Working Hard as Attorney General Mostly False http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/fact-check-mckennas-claim-to-be-working-hard-as-attorney-general-mostly-false Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/fact-check-mckennas-claim-to-be-working-hard-as-attorney-general-mostly-false Seattle – Speaking on the radio Monday, Republican Rob McKenna said “I am still working every day as your Attorney General.”

A review of McKenna’s schedule shows that claim to be mostly false. For the past two months, McKenna has regularly taken one meeting per day related to Attorney General’s office business. While he often finds time to meet with his press staff, increasingly his most common one-hour meeting of 2012 is titled “Review Significant Matters.”

Last week, when the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission was deciding the future of new Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub, McKenna – who should have voted as one of 14 commissioners – was out campaigning and missed the meeting.

Rob McKenna’s one-hour work days mean Washingtonians are paying McKenna $418 per day to “review significant matters.”

“Rob McKenna is an absentee Attorney General, taking advantage of a state salary while he campaigns,” said Jay Inslee spokesperson Jaime Smith. “If he can’t do the job he has now Washingtonians will make sure he doesn’t have a job in November.”

McKenna Finally Explains Shifting Health Care Positions: “I don’t know it in detail.” http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/mckenna-finally-explains-shifting-health-care-positions-i-dont-know-it-in-detail Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:15:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/mckenna-finally-explains-shifting-health-care-positions-i-dont-know-it-in-detail Seattle – Republican Rob McKenna has a history of being unprepared. Yesterday he admitted he is unready to lead on yet another critical issue – health care.

Asked for his thoughts on the Romney-Ryan plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a voucher system, McKenna told KING 5 reporter, Robert Mak, “I don’t know it in detail.”

On the same day, a McKenna spokesman said McKenna has “little time for Medicare study.”

McKenna sued to overturn health care reform apparently without giving it much thought, which may explain why he calls his defeat at the Supreme Court a victory.

Long-term care for our seniors and disabled citizens consumes about half of the health care budget in Washington State. Many of those same seniors rely on Medicare as well, which requires very close coordination between the state Medicaid budget and Medicare.

“If Rob McKenna doesn’t understand how important Medicare is to Medicaid – or our seniors for that matter – then maybe he should have spent less time litigating health reform and more time studying it,” said Jay Inslee Press Secretary, Jaime Smith. “Someone who wants to be governor should at least understand the issues.”

McKenna Runs From the Truth in Appeal to Women http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/mckenna-runs-from-the-truth-in-appeal-to-women Tue, 11 Sep 2012 13:15:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/mckenna-runs-from-the-truth-in-appeal-to-women Republican Rob McKenna's newest ad clearly targets women voters, but leaves out any mention of two key issues where their rights are most under attack - health care and choice.

Why? Because women in Washington remember that after months of dodging the issue, McKenna opposed the Reproductive Parity Act. They remember that McKenna fought to take away access to health care for thousands of women around the state. Washington women know where Rob Mckenna stands - as far away from them as possible.

"Rob McKenna is trying very hard to convince women that he'll be there to stand up for them, but he is silent on where he'll stand in the current battle to protect women's access to health care and their right to choose," said Jay Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. "Women will face battles in the coming years to protect family planning funding, ensure health insurance parity for reproductive services, and implement reforms that outlaw the practice of treating a woman as a pre-existing condition. They want to know they can trust their governor to fight for these things, but the only answer we get from McKenna on these issues is 'get a job.'"

Inslee's strong record on these issues has earned him endorsements by a range of women's groups and leaders including NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Planned Parenthood Northwest, and Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

[Research available here.]

President Obama endorses Washington gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/president-obama-endorses-washington-gubernatorial-candidate-jay-inslee Mon, 10 Sep 2012 12:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/president-obama-endorses-washington-gubernatorial-candidate-jay-inslee Seattle – In his first gubernatorial endorsement of the 2012 campaign, President Barack Obama today endorsed Jay Inslee for governor of Washington.

“Jay Inslee is the type of authentic, independent leader that Washington needs now, more than ever,” said President Obama. “His leadership on the emerging clean energy economy has the potential to make Washington the hub of an innovative, job-creating industry that serves as the foundation for long-lasting economic growth in every corner of the state.

“I am happy to give Jay Inslee my endorsement today. I am confident the people of Washington will give him their endorsement this November.”

Jay Inslee is an innovative leader who has proposed a forward-thinking plan to create jobs for the middle class. Having lived and worked on both sides of the Cascades, Jay has the unique potential to bring the entire state together in an effort to help President Obama build a strong, long-lasting economic recovery in every region of Washington.

“I want to thank President Obama for his endorsement, and I look forward to working with him to strengthen Washington’s economy,” said Inslee. “This election couldn’t be more important for the future of our middle class.”

Inslee Ad Highlights Washington's Innovative Character http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-ad-highlights-washingtons-innovative-character Sun, 09 Sep 2012 13:15:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-ad-highlights-washingtons-innovative-character Seattle - Jay Inslee for Washington kicked off the fall media campaign with a new ad titled "Built." The ad makes a compelling case for Washington's unique ability to innovate, and for a governor with the vision to help innovators prosper and create jobs.

"This is why Jay Inslee is running - to make sure that the next Microsoft or Boeing comes from Washington, not China or Germany or Texas," said Inslee campaign manager Joby Shimomura. "Jay understands Washington - what we do, what we've done and where we are going. This ad is what Jay believes the race for governor is about - the race to lead the 21st century economy." 

You can watch "Built" here. Text below.

Here in Washington State, we’re building the world’s most fuel-efficient jet.

And we built the world’s dominant software.

Now, we can lead the way in creating the jobs of the future.

In the book I wrote on clean energy, I made clear that not all companies will succeed. But some will be the next Boeing or Microsoft.

That’s who we are in Washington State.

We create. We invent. We build.

I’m Jay Inslee…it’s time to get to work.

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Biotech business leaders endorse Jay Inslee and his jobs plan http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/biotech-business-leaders-endorse-jay-inslee-and-his-jobs-plan Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:30:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/biotech-business-leaders-endorse-jay-inslee-and-his-jobs-plan Following on yesterday’s endorsements from clean tech business leaders from around the state, a group of biotech leaders met today to announce their endorsement for Jay Inslee and his jobs plan.

Clay Siegall, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, introduced Inslee and called his vision for job creation the right approach for growing innovation in Washington State.

“The biotech industry in Washington has enormous potential,” said Siegall. “Jay was a recognized leader on this issue in Congress because he understands this industry. With the right kind of leadership and the right kind of policies, Washington can become an important international hub for research and development, manufacturing and sales of these innovative new medicines and products. Jay will provide that leadership as governor.”

Jim Katzaroff from Advanced Medical Isotopes, Dave Marver from Cardiac Science and Tom Clement from Pathway Medical also voiced their support for Inslee and his biotech jobs plan.

The group gathered at the University of Washington’s Center for Commercialization, where Inslee emphasized one of the key aspects of his jobs plan – making it easier for research institutions to commercialize their research and development.

“Right here at this Center there is incredible research taking place with the potential to transform how we work, how we fuel our planet, how we take care of the sick and the vulnerable,” said Inslee. “While the Center has made great strides to improve our commercialization capabilities, current laws hamstring their efforts to make the most of this research, leaving money and jobs on the table that other states are taking advantage of. My jobs plan corrects those problems. If, for example, we do commercialization at half the rate of Utah, we would generate $3 billion in economy activity over the next several years.”

Inslee rolled out his comprehensive jobs plan in February with a broad range of specific proposals for growing existing and emerging industries – aerospace, military, agriculture, information technology, life sciences, maritime and clean tech.

Photos from the endorsement event are available here.

Video from the event is available here.

Clean tech business leaders endorse Jay Inslee and his clean tech jobs plan http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/clean-tech-business-leaders-endorse-jay-inslee-and-his-clean-tech-jobs-plan Wed, 05 Sep 2012 18:30:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/clean-tech-business-leaders-endorse-jay-inslee-and-his-clean-tech-jobs-plan A group of clean tech entrepreneurs from around the state gathered today to endorse Jay Inslee for governor and their support for his clean tech jobs plan.

Rick Luebbe, CEO of Energ2, noted Inslee’s plan is clearly tailored to unleashing both the capital and the demand that is needed to help new clean energy businesses thrive.

“Jay understands this industry and what we can do to make Washington State a leading global competitor,” said Luebbe. “I’m proud to be endorsing Jay and his jobs plan.”

Susan Petty, President of Alta Rock, noted that Inslee’s plan gives more than just lip-service to creating jobs and supporting innovative new businesses.

“It’s easy to just say you want to lower costs or cut regulations, but it’s hard to identify the kinds of policies that will ensure an emerging industry like ours is set up for success,” said Petty. “But that’s what Jay’s plan does – it creates a path for us to move forward as a state to becoming a global hub in the new clean energy economy.”

Inslee rolled out his comprehensive jobs plan in February with dozens of ideas for growing existing and emerging industries – aerospace, military, agriculture, information technology, life sciences, maritime and clean tech. The clean tech industry is one in which Inslee has become a noted national leader, having written Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy, a book that President Bill Clinton called a “field guide for our future.”

Other business owners who appeared to endorse Inslee today included: * John Plaza, President and CEO of Imperium Renewables, Inc. * Todd Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Imperium Renewables, Inc. * Graham Noyes, Partner at Stoel Rives * Burt Hamner, CEO and Founder of Hydrovolts * John Flanaga, President and Founding Partner of Itek Energy * Gary Schaver, President of Silicon Energy * Kelly Sampson, Founder of Itek Energy * Karl Unterschuetz, Project Coordinator at Itek Energy * Stan Gent, President and CEO of Seattle Steam * Michael Campbell, Managing Director of RA Power & Light * Joe Martinac, President of JM Martinac Shipbuilding

Photos from today’s event can be found here.

Statement from Inslee campaign regarding RGA attack ad http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/statement-from-inslee-campaign-regarding-rga-attack-ad Wed, 05 Sep 2012 16:30:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/statement-from-inslee-campaign-regarding-rga-attack-ad Statement from Jaime Smith, spokesperson for Inslee for Washington, about today’s attack ad from the Republican Governors Association:

"It didn’t take long for the national Republicans propping up Rob McKenna to launch misleading attacks against Jay Inslee. The Republican Governors Association is distorting Jay’s record of fighting for small businesses and middle-class families because they know Rob McKenna's record as an Olympia politician can't match up.

"Jay Inslee stood with President Obama to stop the tide of job losses and provide tax relief to small businesses while Rob McKenna stands with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who want tax breaks for the super-rich.

"Jay Inslee stood with Washington families against bank deregulation and against the Wall Street bailout. He worked with President Obama to expand access to health care, provide help to people who lost their jobs, and to save millions more jobs.

"This ad is the same tired argument national Republicans have been trying to use for nearly four years. Rob McKenna’s national Republican allies know they can’t attack Jay’s real record, and this shameless ad is just the start of a multi-million dollar attack based on falsehoods and fabrication."

Debates: Inslee 2, McKenna 0 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/debates-inslee-2-mckenna-0 Wed, 29 Aug 2012 23:20:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/debates-inslee-2-mckenna-0 Tonight, the contrast between the candidates was clear – Democratic candidate for governor, Jay Inslee, offered a clear vision for moving Washington forward while Republican Rob McKenna offered more of the same Republican talking points heard by his national right-wing supporters like Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell.

“Once again, Jay showed that he’s the only candidate with a clear vision for moving Washington State forward and rebuilding an economy that has left so many middle-class families behind,” said Inslee spokesperson, Jaime Smith. “Rob McKenna sounds just like the Republican guys he’s been flying in to help him raise money. No wonder he’s being compared to Scott Walker – the Republican Governor’s Association is betting big on making McKenna their next rising star.”

At tonight’s debate, Inslee shared his vision for growing Washington’s key industries, improving our schools and reforming state government.

"I want to build a Working Washington," Inslee said in his closing remarks. "I have an economic plan that would help all of the state, and I want to unite this state in what we do best, and that is: innovate. We have a secret ability in this state and that is this—we invent, we create, we build. This is who we are in the state of Washington."

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters announces endorsement of Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/pacific-northwest-regional-council-of-carpenters-announces-endorsement-of-jay-inslee Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/pacific-northwest-regional-council-of-carpenters-announces-endorsement-of-jay-inslee The group representing nearly 13,000 carpenters in Washington State announced today that it is endorsing Jay Inslee for governor.

Citing Inslee's commitment to creating jobs and strengthening Washington's middle class, the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters said "Jay Inslee's understanding of the economy of Washington State gives him the perspective to best serve the diverse membership of the Carpenters Unions, and working families throughout Washington."

"I'm very excited to have the support of an organization that represents so many hard-working men and women in our state," said Inslee. "Workers in our construction trades have been especially hard-hit in this recession and my number one priority is helping them, and the hundreds of thousands of others who are unemployed, find a job and get our economy growing again."