Veterans for Jay Inslee

“At a time when so many of our veterans are struggling to transition back into civilian life, we need a governor like Jay who will create jobs that help veterans land on their feet and provide the support and assistance our military families need.”

- Senator Patty Murray, Chairwoman of Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs


As the son of a veteran and a lifelong advocate of veteran’s issues, Jay is committed to our service members, their families and the hundreds of thousands of veterans that call Washington state home. With more than 45,000 active military personnel, 65,000 military dependents, and 640,000 veterans, almost every person in Washington likely has a personal connection directly or indirectly to our military. There are, in fact, over 44,000 employees on Joint Base Lewis McChord alone, making it the state’s third largest employer.

Jay is proud of his record on behalf of veterans who have served our country and he is ready to bring an unprecedented level of attention to the important issues that affect our returning veterans. Too many return from active duty only to find high unemployment and difficulty transitioning into civilian life. These returning heroes are some of our state’s most skilled workers – we can and must build on the tremendous work our state Department of Veterans Affairs is already doing to better connect veterans with the training opportunities and jobs they need and deserve after their military careers have ended.

Jay's Priorities for Helping Veterans

As a candidate to be Washington state’s next governor, Jay is committed to honoring our veterans by prioritizing these efforts in his administration:

  1. Creating an economy where good paying jobs are created and provide opportunity to returning veterans.
  2. Increasing small business development for veterans and their families.
  3. Expanding contracting opportunities for veteran owned businesses with our military bases and other federal government agencies.
  4. Supporting public/private partnerships to develop rehabilitative opportunities for severely disabled veterans.
  5. Ensuring that veterans in Washington State maximize their earned federal benefits in order to reinvest state resources in needed community programs.
  6. Recognizing with expedited certifications and licenses the skills and abilities that veterans and their families bring to Washington State.
  7. Reducing the number of homeless vets by identifying resources and programs.
  8. Ensuring the construction and operation of the Walla Walla Veterans Home and expanding the State Veterans Cemetery Program to Southeastern Washington.
  9. Maintain the integrity of the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs’ leadership team to continue its mission and services.

I am truly honored by the endorsement of the veterans listed on site and I hope you will join our growing coalition of “Veterans for Jay”. Please stand with us and our commitment to build a working Washington.

Jay’s Record of Helping Veterans

As a member of Congress, Jay Inslee has prioritized the well-being of military veterans. Jay’s leadership in pursuing health and economic security for Washington’s veterans is reflected in the Congressional Record, which shows a holistic and long-term commitment to those who have served our country.

In order to help returning servicemembers transition to civilian life, Jay cosponsored the Hiring Heroes Act of 2011. According to the AP, the legislation “would encourage more federal government hiring of departing service members, expand job searching and training help available to them and improve job placement cooperation with private-sector employers.”

In 2007, Congressman Inslee supported the largest increase in funding for Veterans’ Health Care in the VA’s history. Jay voted in favor of an amendment to the FY 2008 appropriations bill for the DVA that would increase funding for medical services by $22 Million.

Inslee cosponsored the Veteran Women’s Health Improvement Act of 1993. The bill created a primary and preventative health care package for women veterans, expanded the research agenda on women’s health at the VA, and brought VA mammography facilities under strict quality control standards, in order to provide women veterans with the care and respect they deserve.

Jay cosponsored the Military Overseas Voter Empowerment Act of 2001, expanding the amount of time military personnel have to receive and send back ballots to 30 days, and allowing military members and their families to make only one ballot request that would be good for an entire year’s worth of elections.

In 2008, Inslee voted to provide rental home vouchers for homeless veterans. The Homes for Heroes act authorized $200 Million in FY 2008 to expand and improve housing services for homeless veterans.

As Governor, Jay Inslee will be proactive in helping veterans transition into civilian life--particularly when it comes to finding steady, good-paying employment for veterans and military families.