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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords are scheduled Saturday to rally Seattle voters to turn out in support of Initiative 1491.

Known as the extreme risk protection order, I-1491 would let family members, law-enforcement officers and others ask a judge to keep guns out of the hands of someone deemed a danger to themselves or others.

The stop is part of a 14-state tour by Giffords, co-founder of gun-violence-prevention group Americans for Responsible Solutions, to boost support of gun laws in several states before the November elections.

Saturday’s rally is slated to start at 11 a.m. at First United Methodist Church on Denny Way.

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which organized the I-1491 campaign, has raised nearly $4 million as of Friday in support of the measure.

I-1491 has drawn the criticism of gun-rights groups over concerns about due process and possible abuse of proposed protection orders.

The National Rifle Association in a recent statement said I-1491 would “strip law-abiding citizen[s] of their constitutional rights without even seeing the inside of a courtroom.”

Giffords, who survived a mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., in 2011, also announced her endorsement of Inslee on Friday.

“When I served alongside Jay Inslee in Congress, I saw firsthand how he fought for change that helps keep guns out of the wrong hands, save lives, and make our families safer — and he has done the same as the Governor of Washington,” Giffords said in prepared remarks.

Marilyn Balcerak, I-1491’s citizen sponsor, is also scheduled to appear at Saturday’s rally.

The push for I-1491 comes two years after Washington voters approved an initiative expanding gun-purchase background checks.

Gov. Jay Inslee can move our state forward http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-jay-inslee-can-move-our-state-forward Mon, 17 Oct 2016 12:58:58 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-jay-inslee-can-move-our-state-forward
Gov. Jay Inslee moved Washington forward in his first term on education, transportation, saving jobs at Boeing, restitching some safety net programs and improving higher education funding. There is every reason to think he’ll do the same if he holds off a challenge by Republican Bill Bryant and wins re-election Nov. 8.
Washington hospital and doctor groups back Gov. Inslee's opioid crisis plan http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-hospital-and-doctor-groups-back-gov-inslees-opioid-crisis-plan Mon, 10 Oct 2016 17:17:45 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-hospital-and-doctor-groups-back-gov-inslees-opioid-crisis-plan  

Two associations representing Washington hospitals and doctors have endorsed Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to tackle the state’s opioid overdose crisis.

Inslee’s Oct. 7 executive order directed state agencies to work with local public health organizations to treat and assist opioid addicts, cut down on inappropriate opioid prescribing and intervene in overdoses to prevent death.

Cassie Sauer will become CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association in January 2017.

About two people fatally overdose every day across Washington. The plan noted that heroin overdose deaths more than doubled from 2010 to 2015 and more than half of heroin users recently surveyed said they were hooked on prescription opiates before heroin.

"The U.S. is in the grips of an opioid epidemic, and people's lives are at stake," said Cassie Sauer, executive vice president of the Washington State Hospital Association. "The Washington State Hospital Association is dedicated to doing our part to prevent and decrease opioid addiction. We have a responsibility to help improve prescribing practices, support patients in pursuing other effective options for pain control, and allow for safe disposal of unused medications."

The Washington State Hospital Association represents 107 hospital and health system members, including nonprofit, investor-owned, and county, state and military hospitals.

"The governor's executive order provides a path forward that brings together state agencies, health provider organizations, law enforcement and other partners in a coordinated and unprecedented effort to combat the opioid crisis in this state," said Dr. Ray C. Hsiao, former president of the Washington State Medical Association and a child psychiatrist and addiction specialist at Seattle Children's Hospital.

The Washington State Medical Association represents 10,430 medical professionals in the state, including practicing and retired physicians, resident physicians, medical students and physician assistants.

The two associations earlier this year created the Joint Opioid Safe Practices Task Force to improve and implement safe prescribing practices, pain management and addressing opioid abuse prevention and addiction support.

"The breadth of the problem demands widespread attention,” Sauer said. “We are very appreciative that the governor is marshaling the state's agencies and resources to tackle this problem, and we look forward to working with the governor in being part of the solution."

In Our View: Inslee for Governor http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-our-view-inslee-for-governor Mon, 10 Oct 2016 11:57:03 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/in-our-view-inslee-for-governor


State’s job growth, other successes strong argument for incumbent’s return

When a headline can proclaim “Washington state ranks No. 1 for combined job and wage growth,” it is difficult to argue that the governor is doing a poor job. Of course, a governor inevitably receives too much credit or too much blame for the end result, but Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee is deserving of another term in office. The Columbian’s Editorial Board recommends a vote for Inslee in his race against Republican Bill Bryant.

As always, this is merely a recommendation. The Columbian trusts the ability and the desire of voters to examine the candidates and the issues before casting an informed ballot. In the contest for governor, this will include pressing issues such as job growth, school funding, and the proposal for a large oil terminal in Vancouver. It also will include an administration that has suffered from fits and starts but is moving in the right direction.

A year ago, Forbes ranked Washington among the top 10 states for business climate and also for future job growth, and Inslee recently told the Editorial Board, “The state has played a role in job creation.” Those efforts have focused upon innovative companies, the kind that pay good wages and position the state for a prosperous future, but Inslee also noted that unemployment rates are down in all 39 counties when compared with four years ago. “What we are experiencing is very robust, very vibrant, very diversified job growth in our state,” he said.

There have been other successes, as well. The Legislature has funded all-day kindergarten, expanded early education programs, and lowered tuition at state colleges — an idea first promoted by Republicans. By Inslee’s count, the state has added $5.5 billion to education funding.

These successes outweigh the shortcomings. Most notable is a failure to devise a school-funding plan to meet the constitutionally mandated “paramount duty” of providing for basic education, a duty that has needed more leadership and guidance from the governor. There also have been persistent problems with state’s mental-health system, including the loss of accreditation for Western State Hospital.

So, yes, there have been issues. Yet beyond the measurable results (the aforementioned headline about jobs appeared in The Seattle Times in February) and the day-to-day operations, a governor also must possess a long-term vision.

For Inslee, that vision has focused upon environmental concerns and the reduction of carbon emissions (he says, however, that he opposes Initiative 732 on the November ballot, believing that it would reduce state revenues). Bryant, meanwhile, is a former Port of Seattle commissioner who has suggested a moratorium on new regulations until current ones can be assessed for their effectiveness.

Neither candidate is able to say how they would rule on a proposal for a large oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, at least until the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council finalizes its report. But we believe “The Green Governor” would be less likely to approve such a terminal.

Bryant is a sharp and articulate challenger, and he is effective in pointing out the shortcomings of Inslee’s performance. His vast experience in international trade would be beneficial as governor of the nation’s most trade-dependent state.

But in the end, Inslee’s focus upon the kind of Washington we wish to create for our children and grandchildren is more essential. The Columbian recommends a vote for Jay Inslee to remain as governor.

Gov. Inslee takes action to fight opioid addiction http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-inslee-takes-action-to-fight-opioid-addiction Fri, 07 Oct 2016 16:34:27 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-inslee-takes-action-to-fight-opioid-addiction Gov. Jay Inslee is asking state agencies to step up and respond to growing opioid addiction in Washington state.

Governor Jay Inslee is mobilizing resources from all over the state to tackle the growing opiate epidemic.

The governor on Friday ordered state agencies to work with local public health, tribal and other officials to respond to the growing problem of overdoses of opioids such as heroin and prescription narcotics. The agencies must work on the state’s response plan and report on its progress by the end of this year.

“We know we have got to do more and we’ve got to do it smarter,” Inslee said. “And we’ve got to do it together and we’ve got to do it today.”

He’s also calling for increased training for primary care doctors so they can do a better job of recognizing addiction in its early stages.

“Today is a day of solidarity,” Inslee said. “It’s a day of renewed resolutions and a day of action. We are here to say when it comes to opioid abuse, enough is enough.”

Inslee made the announcement at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle where he was joined by medical providers, law enforcement officials, patients and family members who have been affected by opioid abuse.

Last year, 718 people died from opioid overdoses in Washington. While prescription opioid drug deaths have declined, heroin overdose deaths are increasing, particularly among young people.

Inslee takes steps to tackle misuse of pain pills http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-takes-steps-to-tackle-misuse-of-pain-pills Fri, 07 Oct 2016 16:31:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-takes-steps-to-tackle-misuse-of-pain-pills Gov. Jay Inslee ordered state agencies to work with Washington public schools to develop a strategy to teach kids about opioid abuse.

Gov. Jay Inslee announced executive actions Friday aimed at preventing the overprescription and misuse of prescription pain pills, improving treatment availability for people dealing with opioid addiction, and making overdoses less deadly.

At a ceremony at the University of Washington Medical Center, Inslee instructed state agencies to work with tribal governments, nonprofits, law enforcement and other health-care groups to consider possible changes to state guidelines on when powerful and addictive painkillers should be prescribed.

Opioid overdoses killed two people a day in Washington in 2015, part of an epidemic that has swept the nation in recent years, with, in many cases, pain pill addiction segueing into heroin addiction. 

“Opioid abuse is an equal opportunity killer,” Inslee said. “It threatens all of our children, all of our families, in every corner of this state, at every economic level.”

Deaths from prescription pain pills in Washington have fallen consistently since 2009, but at the same time heroin deaths have skyrocketed, leaving the overall overdose death rate largely unchanged.

“We stop the heroin epidemic by attacking it at its source,” Inslee said, “the misuse and abuse of opioids in a legal sense.”

Inslee also ordered state agencies to work with Washington public schools to develop a strategy to teach kids about opioid abuse and to reduce the stigma around addiction.

Inslee said his office will work with health insurers to better include drug treatment programs — including medication-assisted treatment like Suboxone — into health plans. He talked about increasing training for primary care doctors, so they will be better able to recognize addiction, in its early stages, in their patients.

Inslee also instructed state agencies to help teach those dealing with addiction — be it prescription opioids or heroin — how to respond to an overdose. He told state agencies to work to improve the availability of naloxone— which reverses the effects of an overdose — and to teach people how to use it.

Inslee said agencies are looking at how much money in next year’s budget will be required for increasing naloxone access, boosting drug take-back programs and other initiatives that will require funding.

Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released new guidelines for doctors, instructing them that opioids should never be the first choice for treating minor pain and, when they are necessary, should be prescribed in the lowest possible doses.

Earlier this week the federal Drug Enforcement Agency announced that it would cut the amounts of the most powerful prescription opioids by 25 percent next year. The DEA has the power to control the amount of prescription opioids that can be manufactured.

DEA limits on production of the most popular opioids (oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine) were about four times higher in 2016 than they were in 2000.

Gov. Jay Inslee lays out five-point plan for boosting Washington’s aerospace industry http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/httpwww-geekwire-com2016gov-inslee-lays-out-five-point-plan-for-boosting-washingtons-aerospace-industry Fri, 07 Oct 2016 15:45:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/httpwww-geekwire-com2016gov-inslee-lays-out-five-point-plan-for-boosting-washingtons-aerospace-industry Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, shown here with Boeing’s Everett plant in the background, says he intends to keep the state on the “cutting edge” in aerospace.

LYNNWOOD, Wash. – Washington Gov. Jay Inslee today laid out a down-to-earth prescription for keeping the Evergreen State competitive in the aerospace industry, which a new report says is having a steady economic impact.

“I’ve lived here for 65 years, and I’ve never been more confident about aerospace and the future in the state of Washington,” the first-term Democratic governor told an audience here at the 11th annual Governor’s Aerospace Summit, presented by the Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington.

A draft assessment, prepared by Seattle-based Community Attributes for theWashington Aerospace Partnership, estimates the state aerospace industry’s total impact during 2015 at $94.7 billion in revenues, which is 9.4 percent above the previous year’s figure.

Employment in aerospace and related industries was estimated at 136,100 jobs in 2015, up from 132,500 in 2012. That doesn’t include the impact of Boeing workforce reductions that were announced this year.

When indirect effects such as spending by aerospace workers are taken into account, the employment impact rises to 252,800 jobs.

The report says aerospace employees earned an average wage of $107,000, not including benefits, which is nearly twice the state’s overall average wage of $54,000.

“This report shows us why we must remain vigilant in our efforts to protect and grow the aerospace industry in Washington,” said John Thornquist, director of the state’s Office of Aerospace.

Governor’s vision of the future

Such efforts were the focus of Inslee’s remarks. Rather than dwelling on advances in aerodynamics, the governor ticked off five factors that he saw as the keys to the industry’s success:

Cultivate a talented workforce: Inslee touted the state’s efforts to boost the “whole pipeline” of education and training, ranging from early-childhood educationto high-school apprenticeship programs to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarships. “When a 3-year-old kid has maybe a little speech difficulty … we deal with that at age 3 so they end up as an aerospace engineer someday instead of [ending up at] Walla Walla penitentiary.”

Upgrade transportation infrastructure: The governor praised the bipartisan $16 billion Connecting Washington funding package, which provided a boost for highway construction as well as mass transit, bike paths and other infrastructure. Because of the upgrades, “we can move engines, and we can move machinists from home to work sites, and we can move our products,” Inslee said. “We’re moving the needle on the terrestrial side so we can continue to grow on the aerospace side.”

Boost support for exports: Last year, Congress overcame conservative resistance and reauthorized the Export-Import Bank, which plays a key role in making and guaranteeing loans to foreign buyers of U.S. goods. That role is beneficial for aerospace exports, so much so that the agency has sometimes been called “the Bank of Boeing.” Inslee said the next step should be for “the U.S. Senate to wake up, get off the extended coffee break and fill the bank with a quorum so it can actually function.”

Foster innovation: Inslee called particular attention to advanced manufacturing techniques and biofuel research and development. He also cited the example of the Composite Recycling Technology Center in Port Angeles, which is pioneering efforts to convert carbon-fiber waste materials into useful products. Inslee noted with pride that Washington was No. 1 on Bloomberg’s state-by-state ranking of innovation in 2013. (Since then, however, the state has fallen to No. 3, behind Massachusetts and California.)

Strengthen the supply chain: Boeing may be the jewel of the crown when it comes to Washington state’s aerospace industry, but Inslee said he’s also interested in bringing more companies to the state. “Since I took office in 2013, the Department of Commerce has assisted 30 aerospace companies in expanding or relocating their operations in the state of Washington,” Inslee said. Just last week, the first of four Mitsubishi Regional Jet planes flew from Japan to Moses Lake for flight tests.

“We are the cutting edge, and we intend to keep it that way,” Inslee said.

Important Campaign Update http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/important-campaign-update Fri, 07 Oct 2016 15:43:56 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/important-campaign-update

Inslee, Oregon’s Brown discuss replacing I-5 Bridge http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-oregons-brown-discuss-replacing-i-5-bridge Wed, 05 Oct 2016 13:34:30 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-oregons-brown-discuss-replacing-i-5-bridge Sean McClain, founder and CEO of AbSci, left, guides Gov. Jay Inslee through the biotechnology company's new Vancouver headquarters on Monday. AbSci is moving its headquarters from Portland to the new Hudson Building in downtown Vancouver. (Photos by Ariane Kunze/The Columbian)

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee discussed replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge connecting Portland and Vancouver with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Monday.

“I wanted to reaffirm her commitment to this project moving forward, to get a solution to this,” Inslee said of the controversial project. “We both share an intense commitment to ultimately get this bridge done.”

Inslee said both he and his counterpart across the river believe it’s a critical project.

“We need a consensus on both sides of the river, and it’s critical that, first, frankly, for Clark County to reach a consensus and have its legislators get on the same page about what the parameter of the next iteration of this might be,” Inslee said during a stop in Vancouver on Monday.

Longtime state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, who was crucial in killing the infrastructure project, is not seeking re-election. Inslee said Benton, along with other Senate Republicans, such as Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, are to blame for destroying the project.

Both Benton and Rivers were against the light-rail component of the now-defunct Columbia River Crossing.

“You can’t ignore the fact that this is a rapidly growing community. You have to plan for growth. … That does mean you have to plan for public transportation. That’s a reality,” Inslee said.

He didn’t say whether that meant light rail, but noted that several of the high-profile opponents to light rail would no longer be in office after the election.

Both Inslee and Brown are seeking re-election.

Inslee in Vancouver

Inslee made several stops while in Vancouver on Monday, including: a ribbon-cutting at Clark College, a campaign stop promoting a biotechnology company and a conversation with The Columbian’s Editorial Board.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Editorial Board, Inslee said he’s confident that the Legislature is poised to fulfill its constitutional duty to adequately fund the state’s public school system.

“We have put $5.5 billion of new money into the education of our children,” Inslee said, calling it the largest investment the state has made and the reason he’s confident that the state will finish the job in 2017.

The governor said he hopes the state can solve the underfunding with an increase in revenue, but said it will depend on the state of the economy.

Inslee, whose moniker is the green governor, said he wants to ensure oil trains are traveling through the state safely, and that we’re protecting the environment.

“This is the most beautiful state in the country, and we want to leave it that way for our kids,” he said.

But he’s not supportive of Initiative 732, the carbon emission tax that will be on the November ballot. Instead, he mentioned the recently adopted rule by the state, which he championed, to cap emissions from the state’s largest polluters.

Business growth

Inslee also stopped at AbSci, a biotechnology company that is moving its headquarters from Portland to the new Hudson Building in downtown Vancouver. The company has 14 full-time employees and plans to add another 20 to 30 jobs. The company decided to relocate in large part because of a $200,000 commitment from Inslee’s strategic reserve fund, which helped build out AbSci’s new lab.

Inslee said the state of Washington likes to partner with genius.

“I wasn’t there when Bill Boeing did his seaplane or when Bill Gates was coming up with software programs. But I’m here,” Inslee told Sean McClain, founder and CEO of AbSci, on Monday.

AbSci developed a protein manufacturing platform that substantially reduces the production costs of therapeutic proteins and antibodies used in a wide range of medical treatments, including those for cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders, as well as hormone therapies.

Gov. Jay Inslee touts state programs during visit to Union Gap's Liberty Bottleworks http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-jay-inslee-touts-state-programs-during-visit-to-union-gaps-liberty-bottleworks Wed, 05 Oct 2016 13:26:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-jay-inslee-touts-state-programs-during-visit-to-union-gaps-liberty-bottleworks


UNION GAP, Wash. — As Gov. Jay Inslee browsed the colorful display of aluminum bottles, he picked out a few for his family, including his three grandchildren.

“Do you have a Minions one?” he asked employees at Liberty Bottleworks, referring to characters in the popular children’s movie of the same name.

They didn’t, but Inslee still came away with several purchases and was impressed with the company, where everything, right down to the machines that mold the aluminum into bottles, is made in the U.S.

“I’m very proud of companies that are creating new technologies, new products,” he said during a brief speech to employees during his visit Tuesday. “We are seeing the best of Washington right here.”

Inslee’s stop at Liberty Bottleworks is part of a multicity tour evaluating the success of different state programs offered to businesses across the state.

In 2013, Liberty Bottleworks, which has been in business for more than five years, received $2,500 in funding through the State Trade Expansion Program, which helps companies enter or expand access to foreign markets.

That money allowed the company to market its product in several countries, including Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

General manager Aaron Collier said the marketing funds resulted in about $50,000 in international sales.

Inslee said such programs has been essential in bringing new jobs to the state and again noted a claim he’s made often during his campaign — the creation of 250,000 jobs during his first term.

He said he especially likes to see the programs’ impact on small and startup businesses such as Liberty Bottleworks.

“This isn’t the Boeings and the Microsofts,” he said.

Human Rights Campaign, Equal Rights Washington, Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee Endorse Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/human-rights-campaign-equal-rights-washington-seattle-metropolitan-elections-committee-endorse-governor-jay-inslee Fri, 30 Sep 2016 15:19:36 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/human-rights-campaign-equal-rights-washington-seattle-metropolitan-elections-committee-endorse-governor-jay-inslee
The Nation and State's Leading LGBTQ Civil Rights Organizations Cite Inslee's Strong Record Fighting on Behalf of Equality

Republican Bill Bryant Supports North-Carolina-Style LGBTQ Discrimination Laws "That Would Take Us Backwards as a State"

Seattle - Today, the Human Rights Campaign, Equal Rights Washington, and the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee, the nation and state's leading LGBTQ civil rights organizations, endorsed Governor Jay Inslee, citing his strong record fighting on behalf of equality. 

Governor Inslee supported marriage equality in his campaign for governor in 2012. As governor, he launched an initiative to promote LGBTQ inclusion practices throughout state government and opposed efforts here in Washington and across the country to discriminate against the LGBTQ community
"Governor Jay Inslee has been our champion in Washington state fighting for equality," said JoDee Winterhof, Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs, Human Rights Campaign. "He has stood up when others wouldn't, whether it be for marriage equality in Washington, or against discriminatory policies enacted in other states. We can depend on Governor Inslee to continue fighting and advocating for equal rights for all of the LGBTQ community in Washington state."

Earlier this year, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant announced his support for a LGBTQ discrimination law similar to HB2 passed in North Carolina earlier this year. These laws are not just wrong, but have led to sporting events and other economic opportunities fleeing the state.
"Governor Jay Inslee has been a national leader in the fight for equality for the LGBTQ community, and he's the only candidate in this race we can rely on to protect our hard-fought gains of the last decade," said Monisha Harrell, Equal Rights Washington. "Republican Bill Bryant supports weakening our state's landmark LGBTQ anti-discrimination law that would take us backwards as a state. Washington voters who support full equality for the LGBTQ community must vote for Jay Inslee this year."

"Thank you Human Rights Campaign, Equal Rights Washington, and SEAMEC for supporting my campaign," said Governor Jay Inslee. "Discrimination against our LGBTQ friends and family is just plain wrong, and has no place in our laws. I vow to continue to do all I can to be advocate for equal rights, and stop those in their tracks who wish to take away the rights we've fought for in Washington."

Bryant Opposed Human Rights Commission’s Rule Protecting The Right Of Transgender People To Use Bathrooms Consistent With Their Gender Identities. In January 2016, the Family Policy Institute reported that Bryant opposed the “bathroom rule” passed by the Washington State Human Rights Commission. “Bryant suggested that it would be appropriate for the Governor to set the rule aside for 24 or 48 months so that the legislature can address it.” [Family Policy Institute, 1/08/16]

Bryant: Human Rights Commission Has Favored Rights Of One Group Over Another. In January 2015, appearing on KGMI radio, Bryant said that the Human Rights Commission has “picked the rights of one group and said, “This group is more important than the rights of that group.” [Todd Herman Show, 1/20/16]

Bryant Said The State Legislature’s Vote Against Overturning The Human Rights Commission Rule Was “Probably Not The Decision I Would Have Made.” In March 2016, appearing on KIRO radio, asked about the state legislature’s vote against overturning the Human Rights Commission rule protecting the right of transgender people to use the bathrooms consistent with their gender identities, Bryant said, “It’s probably not the decision I would have made, but it’s a decision that was made by a democratically elected government body. So it’s the decision.” [KIRO Radio,3/9/16]
Gov. Inslee Launched Initiative To Promote LGBTQ Inclusion Practices Throughout State Government
Gov. Inslee Launched Safe Place WA; Initiative To Promote LGBTQ Inclusion Practices Throughout State Government. According to a June 2016 news release issued by the Office of the Governor, “Gov. Jay Inslee today issued a directive launching a Safe Place WA initiative to promote LGBTQ inclusion practices and policies throughout state government… Inslee’s directive establishes a Safe Place WA program and a state employee resource group to develop and share best practices for creating safe and inclusive environments in state government offices, for both employees and the customers they serve.” [Office of Gov. Jay Inslee, 6/23/16]
Gov. Inslee: “Every Person In The State Of Washington Has The Right To Feel Safe, Enjoy The Benefits Of Public Services And Fully Participate In Civic Life.” According to a June 2016 news release issued by the Office of the Governor announcing the launch of Safe Place WA, Gov. Inslee said in the directive “We traditionally celebrate June as LGBTQ Pride Month. I believe that as public leaders and servants, though, our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond a single month of recognition…Every person in the state of Washington has the right to feel safe, enjoy the benefits of public services and fully participate in civic life.” [Office of Gov. Jay Inslee, 6/23/16]

Gov. Inslee Supported Requiring That Public Accommodations Be Based On Gender Identity.
Gov. Inslee Supported State Rule Requiring That Public Accommodations Be Based On Gender Identity. In December 2015, The Washington Times reported, “A legislative battle over transgender restroom access is brewing in Washington after a state commission enacted rules requiring that bathroom, shower and locker room use in public accommodations be based on ‘gender identity,’ not sex…The commission took action after an eight-month dispute over transgender access at the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap counties, which at first allowed and then prohibited opposite-sex use of bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. In a Dec. 15 statement, YMCA President and CEO Bob Ecklund said the organization planned to be in compliance with revisions to the Washington Administrative Code effective Dec. 26. ‘As this relates to our restrooms and locker room procedures, we will not discriminate based on gender identity effective December 21,’ Mr. Ecklund said… Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, came out in support last week of the YMCA’s decision to allow transgender access, telling the Kitsap Sun, ‘We cannot keep perpetuating the stereotype that transgender people pose a threat to our communities.’” [The Washington Times, 12/31/15]

Gov. Inslee Opposed Republican Efforts To Roll Back Anti-Discrimination Laws

Gov. Inslee Opposed Republican Efforts To Roll Back Washington State’s Anti-Discrimination Laws. In February 2016, Buzzfeed reported, “Similar to legislation across the U.S., six anti-transgender bills filed in the Washington State Legislature this year have alarmed LGBT activists who worry the state could roll back parts of a law banning discrimination. Officials in Olympia, however, told BuzzFeed News that none of the Republican-backed bills has a realistic shot at passing. Leaders of the Democratically controlled House intend to block the bills from getting a hearing or committee vote. And Gov. Jay Inslee, who could veto the bills, is openly hostile to the legislation.” [Buzzfeed, 2/5/16]
Gov. Inslee Opposed Discriminatory Initiative To Ban Transgender Community From Using the Bathroom of their Gender Identity 

Gov. Inslee Said I-1515 “Must Be Defeated.” In July 2016, The News Tribune reported, “Restricting which bathrooms transgender people can use might seem like an unexpected ballot question, but get ready to hear a lot more about it…The measure [I-1515] would allow public and private-sector segregation of bathrooms and locker rooms by birth gender or biology. It would also prevent local governments from enacting laws that protect gender identity as a valid reason for a bathroom choice…Gov. Jay Inslee said the initiative ‘must be defeated.’ [The Olympian, 7/1/16]  

Gov. Inslee Banned Non-Essential Travel To State’s That Passed Discriminatory Laws
Gov. Inslee Banned State-Paid Travel To Indiana After The State Passed Law Allowing Businesses To Refuse Service To Gays & Lesbians. In March 2015, The Seattle Times reported, “Washington Gov. Jay Inslee plans to issue an executive order banning state-paid travel to Indiana, joining a growing wave of protest against that state’s new law allowing businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians for religious reasons. ‘We in Washington stand for equality,’ Inslee, a Democrat, said in a statement Monday evening.” [The Seattle Times, 3/30/15]
Gov. Inslee Banned Non-Essential State Travel To North Carolina After The State Passed A Law That Discriminated Against Transgender Students & Struck Down Other Protections. In March 2016, The Olympian reported, “Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday he is banning non-essential state travel to North Carolina, citing the state’s new law that prohibits schools from letting transgender students use restrooms that match their gender identity. Inslee said the law, which also strikes down locally enacted protections for gay, lesbians and transgender people, isn’t in line with the values of Washington state.” [The Olympian, 3/29/16]
Gov. Inslee Banned Non-Essential State Travel To Mississippi After The State Passed A Law Allowing Businesses To Refuse Service To Gays & Lesbians; Allowed Officials To Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses.  In April 2016, The Olympian reported, “Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday banned most state-funded travel to Mississippi, objecting to the Southern state’s new law that allows business owners and government employees to refuse service to gay people…The Mississippi law, which Gov. Phil Bryant signed Tuesday, lets government officials refuse to issue marriage licenses or perform marriage ceremonies if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. It also allows businesses and faith-based institutions to deny services to gay, lesbian and transgender individuals on religious grounds.” [The Olympian, 4/6/16]

Port of Seattle Commissioners Endorse Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/port-of-seattle-commissioners-endorse-governor-jay-inslee Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:14:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/port-of-seattle-commissioners-endorse-governor-jay-inslee Port Commissioners Creighton, Gregoire, Bowman, Felleman, and Former Commissioners Hara and Tarleton Endorse the Governor, Citing His Record on the Economy, Transportation, and the Environment

Seattle - Today, four of the five current members of the Port of Seattle Commission, as well as two former members, announced their endorsement of Governor Jay Inslee, citing his record boosting jobs, improving our transportation infrastructure, and protecting our environment.


The endorsers include current Commissioners John Creighton, Courtney Gregoire, Stephanie Bowman and Fred Felleman, as well as former Commissioners Lloyd Haraand Gael Tarleton. All of them, with the exception of Felleman, served with former Port of Seattle Commissioner and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant on the Port of Seattle Commission.


"Governor Inslee knows that if we are going to keep our economy moving, we need a transportation system that will keep our goods and people moving," said John Creighton, Port of Seattle President. "I support Governor Inslee because he brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass a bipartisan transportation package that will reduce traffic congestion and improve freight mobility. He's shown leadership on the issues I care about, and has been an incredible partner to the maritime industrial community. Jay Inslee is the right choice for Governor."


"With Governor Jay Inslee, I know we have someone in the Governor's office who has been and will be focused on building a stronger economy here in Washington, promoting and expanding international trade, as well as maintaining and protecting our natural environment. And he's made incredible progress on those shared values," said Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commissioner. "The Port of Seattle and the businesses that depend on it would benefit from Governor Inslee's continued leadership in Olympia."


"It is my honor to endorse Governor Inslee’s re-election," said Fred Felleman, Port of Seattle Commissioner. "Throughout his public service, and especially as governor, Jay Inslee has positioned Washington State to lead the nation in the pursuit of renewable energy technology. If you care about protecting Puget Sound, fighting climate change, creating good paying jobs, and protecting our quality of life, Jay Inslee is the right choice for governor.”



Washington governor, B.C. leader support cross-border ‘innovation corridor’ http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-governor-b-c-leader-support-cross-border-innovation-corridor Tue, 20 Sep 2016 16:35:36 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-governor-b-c-leader-support-cross-border-innovation-corridor

Gov. Jay Inslee and B.C. Premier Christy Clark pledge to work together on joint transportation planning, trade and capital flow, and research initiatives at public universities, among other programs.

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark pledged to deepen the working relationship across the border, agreeing to support a “Cascadia Innovation Corridor” and host a technology-focused summit.

The two leaders Tuesday also said they’d work together on joint transportation planning, trade and capital flow, and research initiatives at public universities, among other programs.

At the event, hosted by Microsoft and trade groups from both sides of the border, Inslee and Clark portrayed the economies of Washington and British Columbia — historically focused on resource-extraction industries such as mining, agriculture and logging — as thriving because of their pivot toward high-tech work, including software and the life sciences.

“There’s something special in the water of the Salish Sea,” Inslee said. “I would suggest that the secret is the power of innovation and understanding that the ultimate resource is not below our feet, it’s on our shoulders.”

The tone of the morning skewed toward broad ideas and topics rather than specific policy proposals. Both leaders floated ideas such as joint degrees between universities, and freer movement of capital and people across the border.

“It’s not the government that innovates, I’m painfully aware of that,” Clark told an audience of business and government leaders. She pledged to continue to push for low corporate and personal tax rates; speedier immigration for highly skilled workers, including those helping to staff Microsoft’s new Vancouver development center and greater state investment in homegrown technology companies.

And in reference to one of the conference’s most eye-catching proposals, a white paper by a pair of technologists advocating for a self-driving-vehicle-only lane on Interstate 5, Inslee resorted to a joke about artificial intelligence gone awry.

The proposal is “interesting,” he said, adding that he hadn’t considered the idea before. What he could say, though, is “if we ever do that, the system will not be given to HAL from ‘(2001) A Space Odyssey,’ I’ll tell you that.”

Amidst News Washington's Median Income Grew in 2015, New Poll Has Gov. Inslee Approval at 54% http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/amidst-news-washingtons-median-income-grew-in-2015-new-poll-has-gov-inslee-approval-at-54 Tue, 20 Sep 2016 13:35:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/amidst-news-washingtons-median-income-grew-in-2015-new-poll-has-gov-inslee-approval-at-54 Washington's Median Household Income Grew Over $2,700 Last Year

Seattle - As governor, Jay Inslee's worked hard to build a stronger economy and better future for every Washington family. And that hard work is continuing to pay off. 
Amidst the good news of Washington's incomes rising, Morning Consult reports that Governor Inslee's approval rating is at 54% and his disapproval is at only 30%. According to Morning Consult, they surveyed 71,900 registered voters in all 50 states from early May 2016 through early September 2016. Survey respondents were asked whether they approved or disapproved of their governor’s job performance.
“Governor Jay Inslee said he would focus on improving the economy and creating jobs, and that's exactly what he has done as governor,” said Jamal Raad, Inslee’s communications director. "Over the last four years, unemployment has gone down in every county across the state, and median household incomes are now rising for Washington's families. Washington voters are pleased with the Governor Inslee's focus and effort on building a stronger economy and better future for every Washington family, and that's reflected in Morning Consult's new numbers."

Inslee's Strong Record and Positive Vision Trumps Bill Bryant's Republican Platitudes in First Gubernatorial Debate http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslees-strong-record-and-positive-vision-trumps-bill-bryants-republican-platitudes-in-first-gubernatorial-debate Wed, 17 Aug 2016 19:18:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslees-strong-record-and-positive-vision-trumps-bill-bryants-republican-platitudes-in-first-gubernatorial-debate

Seattle At today’s first gubernatorial debate in Spokane, Gov. Jay Inslee laid out a substantive, confident, and positive vision to continue building upon his bipartisan successes in education, transportation and job creation. His opponent, Republican Bill Bryant, failed to demonstrate any new ideas beyond the same Republican talking points Washington voters have heard time and time again.

The debate, hosted by KHQ and business groups the Association of Washington Business and Greater Spokane Incorporated, highlighted clearly why Bryant has struggled to gain any momentum. 

While Inslee articulated a clear vision for moving Washington forward on living wages for workers, continuing to improve our education system, and combatting climate change, Republican Bill Bryant struggled to provide any specifics on any of the major issues facing our state. He was forced to defend his long-standing refusal to disavow Donald Trump and his opposition to increasing Washington’s minimum wage.

“This is about leadership and vision. On issue after issue, Republican Bill Bryant has shown he has neither. Bill has done nothing to set his vision apart from that of other Republicans who prefer raises for CEOs instead of their hard-working employees, oppose meaningful climate action, and put oil tax loopholes ahead of classroom funding,” said Jamal Raad, Inslee’s communications director. 

“Governor Inslee, on the other hand, can point to a strong record of bipartisan success that includes a historic cut in tuition for college students, significant new investments in early learning and K-12, and job growth that has made Washington’s economy one of the best in the nation. He worked with Republicans to secure new transportation investments that will help fix some of the worst chokepoints on our roads. And the Governor is a leader on reducing carbon pollution. Washingtonians are looking for real leadership and that’s what Jay will continue to deliver.”
Inslee Statement on Advancing to General Election http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-statement-on-advancing-to-general-election Tue, 02 Aug 2016 23:37:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-statement-on-advancing-to-general-election

Seattle – Washington Governor Jay Inslee released the following statement after advancing to the General Election in today's Primary.
"I'm honored to have the support of so many Washingtonians tonight," said Governor Jay Inslee. "I'm proud of what we've accomplished the last four years: more than 250,000 new jobs, huge investments in early learning, full-day kindergarten, lower class sizes in the early grades, and a cut to college tuition for every college student. But we are not done yet. We are going to keep building a stronger economy and better future for every Washington family."


Washington State Education Advocates Endorse Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-state-education-advocates-endorse-governor-jay-inslee Mon, 01 Aug 2016 16:38:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-state-education-advocates-endorse-governor-jay-inslee
Seattle Times Editorial Board Calls Out "Misleading" and "Unreasonable" GOP Ad for Republican Bill Bryant http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/seattle-times-editorial-board-calls-out-misleading-and-unreasonable-gop-ad-for-republican-bill-bryant Mon, 01 Aug 2016 11:13:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/seattle-times-editorial-board-calls-out-misleading-and-unreasonable-gop-ad-for-republican-bill-bryant
Washington State's Law Enforcement Community Endorses Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-states-law-enforcement-community-endorses-governor-jay-inslee Fri, 29 Jul 2016 18:41:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-states-law-enforcement-community-endorses-governor-jay-inslee ]]> Washington Conservation Voters and Sierra Club Support Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-conservation-voters-and-sierra-club-support-governor-jay-inslee Tue, 26 Jul 2016 19:25:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/washington-conservation-voters-and-sierra-club-support-governor-jay-inslee ]]> Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Washington State National Organization for Women Affirm Support for Governor Jay Inslee http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/planned-parenthood-votes-northwest-and-hawaii-naral-pro-choice-washington-washington-state-national-organization-for-women-affirm-support-for-governor-jay-inslee Mon, 25 Jul 2016 02:00:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/planned-parenthood-votes-northwest-and-hawaii-naral-pro-choice-washington-washington-state-national-organization-for-women-affirm-support-for-governor-jay-inslee
Women's Reproductive Health Advocates Cite Inslee's Leadership on Protecting Reproductive Rights from Attacks

Seattle – Today, in the week leading up to the primary, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, and the Washington State National Organization for Women affirmed their support for Governor Jay Inslee, citing his record on expanding access to women's health care and fighting back against attempts to restrict women's rights.

"In the face of relentless attacks on women's constitutional rights to exercise the health care decisions that are right for them, Jay Inslee has never wavered in his support for women's reproductive and sexual rights," said Elaine Rose, CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii. "We need a strong champion in the governor's office. We need Jay Inslee."

"In an election year when the stakes have never been higher for women, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is proud to support a governor who we know will stand with women, fight for reproductive freedom, and work not just to protect but expand the right to choose in Washington State," said Rachel Berkson, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington's Executive Director. "Washington is a pro-choice state with pro-choice values, and Governor Jay Inslee reflects those values."

"Women in Washington need an advocate in the Governor's office who cares passionately about the issues they care about -- such as raising the minimum wage, paid sick and family leave, health care for all, work and employment parity, reproductive justice, and above all, good public schools," said Linda Malanchuk-Finnan, Washington State National Organization for Women. "Jay Inslee has been that Governor, and we need him back in the Governor's office four more years to continue pushing for these key issues."
"This is a very simple, but important issue for me: women should have the right to make their own reproductive health care decisions, not anyone else," said Governor Jay Inslee. "Every year, Republicans here in Washington state have attacked that basic right, attempting to defund Planned Parenthood and take away reproductive health decisions for low-income women. We cannot and will not turn back the clock on women's health. Thank you Planned Parenthood Votes, NARAL, and NOW for your support. As long as I am governor, I will fight back back against those obsessed with restricting women's health care."

Bill Bryant, Governor Inslee's challenger has urged for Republican control of the Washington state House and Senate, campaigning across the state for Republican candidates. These caucuses have fought to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict women's health care throughout Jay's term as governor.

Inslee: “I Am Wholeheartedly Committed To The Continued Fight To Protect Washington Women’s Right To Choose, Expand Access To Reproductive Care & Family Planning Services & Defeat Ideologically Driven Attempts To Block That Access. In a June 2016 statement from his office, Inslee said, “I am wholeheartedly committed to the continued fight to protect Washington women’s right to choose, expand access to reproductive care and family planning services and defeat ideologically driven attempts to block that access.” [Office of Gov. Jay Inslee, 6/27/16]
Inslee: “Washington Women Need The Freedom & Privacy To Make The Health Care Decisions That Are Best For Themselves & Their Families.” In January 2013, The Seattle Times reported, at his inaugural address, Inslee said, “Washington women need the freedom and privacy to make the health care decisions that are best for themselves and their families. That’s why I look forward to the Legislature sending the Reproductive Parity Act to my desk, which I will sign. Let’s get this done.” [The Seattle Times,1/16/13]
Inslee Supported & Implemented The Affordable Care Act Which For The First Time Prohibited Sex Discrimination In Health Care. In October 2013, Inslee issued an executive order on implementing the Affordable Care Act. According to the National Women’s Law Center, “Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits discrimination in health care programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. This is the first time that federal law has broadly prohibited sex discrimination in health care.” [Gov. Jay Inslee Executive Order 13-05, 10/1/13; National Women’s Law Center, 5/13/16]
Inslee “Sharply Rebuffed” Demands That The State Investigate & Defund Planned Parenthood. In July 2015, seattlepi.com reported, “Gov. Jay Inslee has sharply rebuffed a campaign demanding that the state investigate and defund Planned Parenthood, describing it as the work of ‘national extremist organizations’ trying to eliminate a vital source of health care for women, particularly poor women… ‘National extremist organizations are engaged in a concerted effort to discredit, and ultimately eliminate, an organization that so many women rely on. Here in Washington state, where we have long fought to protect women’s access to family planning services, Planned Parenthood is on the front lines of women’s health care.  I stand with them in their efforts to ensure every woman needing access to safe and legal reproductive health care can get it,’” Inslee said. [seattlepi.com, 7/29/15]
Inslee Called For The Passage Of Reproductive Parity Act. In February 2013, regarding the passage of the Reproductive Parity Act in the House, Inslee said, “Today's vote in the House is a big step forward in guaranteeing women's access to a full range of reproductive health care services. As I begin signing bills next week, I expect the Senate to follow the House's lead so the RPA can be among those I have the honor of signing into law. The Senate should not shut the door of democracy when it comes to women's health care.” [Office of Gov. Jay Inslee, 2/22/13

New Jay Inslee TV Ad: "The Day" Highlights Governor Inslee's Record on Job Creation http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-jay-inslee-tv-ad-the-day-highlights-governor-inslees-record-on-job-creation Thu, 14 Jul 2016 11:59:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/new-jay-inslee-tv-ad-the-day-highlights-governor-inslees-record-on-job-creation

Since His First Day in Office, Governor Jay Inslee's Focus Has Been on Building a Stronger Economy and Better Future For Every Washington Family

Ad Watch: Republican Bill Bryant is a Typical Republican Pushing Same Old, Stale Republican Policies Washington Voters Have Rejected Time and Time Again http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/ad-watch-republican-bill-bryant-is-a-typical-republican-pushing-same-old-stale-republican-policies-washington-voters-have-rejected-time-and-time-again Wed, 13 Jul 2016 13:23:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/ad-watch-republican-bill-bryant-is-a-typical-republican-pushing-same-old-stale-republican-policies-washington-voters-have-rejected-time-and-time-again

New Bill Bryant Ad Claims Bryant is a Breath of Fresh Air and Non-Partisan – Ignoring That He's Given Thousands to National Republicans, Urged For Republican Control of Olympia and Refused to Condemn Fellow Republican Donald Trump

Seattle – Republican Bill Bryant is out with his first ad today in an attempt to distract voters from his refusal to rule out supporting fellow Republican  Donald Trump, claiming that he's non-partisan and would bring fresh air to Olympia.
The truth? Republican Bill Bryant is a partisan Republican who's given nearly $50,000 to national Republicans like George W. Bush and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has campaigned across the state for Republicans to control Olympia, and is offering the same old, tired Republican ideas that Washington voters have rejected time and time again.

Republican Bill Bryant is such a partisan Republican that for over a year now he has refused to criticize the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, even though he has made countless offensive remarks to women and minorities, and has put forward a dangerous policy agenda that would take Washington state backwards.
Meanwhile, Governor Jay Inslee has brought real change to Olympia. Because of Jay, Washington state is now investing again in education. Every child now has access to full-day kindergarten, he's lowered class sizes in the early grades, and for the first time in state history, we've shrunk college tuition for every student attending Washington public colleges, including community colleges and career and technical schools. After a decade of inaction in Olympia, Jay fought for and passed a much-needed bipartisan transportation package that will create 200,000 jobs and rebuild our aging infrastructure. And under Jay's leadership, we've seen massive improvements in the economy -- unemployment has gone down, over 250,000 jobs have been created, and Business Insider has ranked Washington state as the best economy in the nation.
"Republican Bill Bryant can't hide from the fact that he's a typical, partisan Republican who's given big bucks to George W. Bush, hasn't a bad word to say about fellow Republican Donald Trump, and shares a Republican policy agenda with Trump that would halt the progress we are making as a state. Republican Bill Bryant and the Republicans in Olympia, whom he desperately wants to hold power, have a conservative agenda that is out of step with Washington state values, such as keeping the minimum wage low, refusing to take common sense steps to reduce gun violence, and weakening Washington's landmark LGBT anti-discrimination law. Now is not the time for our state to go backwards with Republican Bill Bryant," said Inslee Communications Director Jamal Raad.


Fresh Air


TV :60






BRYANT: Sometimes you just need fresh air. Imagine if we had a governor with a fresh perspective, who made government better, not bigger. A governor who’s fiscally conservative, who believes you should be free to make your own decisions about your life. A governor who’s a conservationist.



Bryant Has Attacked Inslee For Fighting To Reduce Air Pollution


Bryant Said Inslee’s Focus On Capping Carbon Emissions Is Misplaced & It Should Not Be The Priority Of The Governor. In December 2015, NW News Network reported, “Bryant said the governor’s unrelenting focus on capping carbon is misplaced. ‘I think it’s a very personal agenda that he feels very strongly about,’ Bryant said. I do not think it should be the priority of the governor when we’re leaving so many kids behind.” [NW News Network, 12/09/15]


Bryant: Inslee’s Plans To Cap Carbon Emissions “Will Cost Us Family Wage Jobs.” Speaking at Washington State University in February 2016, Bryant said, “I do not believe that what Governor Inslee has proposed will affect climate change at all, but it will cost us family wage jobs, and if I believed that last week, I'm even more convinced of it after having talked about it with people all across this state, because his most recent proposals at the Department of Ecology that he wants to put caps, the only way that many of these companies in Washington State are going to be able to meet those caps is to reduce their production, because they're already using some of the most clean, efficient modern technology that exists.” [Bill Bryant, Washington State University Republicans Event, 2/04/16]


Bryant Criticized Inslee’s Proposal To Close Loopholes On Oil Companies. Speaking at Washington State University in February 2016, Bryant said, “What I said about the Governor's supplemental budget is that he proposed a lot of things like increases for teachers, and a few other projects, but he had no way to pay for it. He wanted to tax bottled water - which the voters have already rejected and the legislature wasn't going to go along with. He then got some closing the loopholes on oil companies that have already been looked at, and it's not going to generate the revenue. And if they do close them, the costs are just going to be passed on in increased heating fuel, which is going to fall hardest on the working poor and the middle class.” [Bill Bryant, Washington State University Republicans Event, 2/04/16]



BRYANT: I’m Bill Bryant and that’s the kind of governor I’ll be.  I built a successful business, operating on both sides of the mountains, helping farmers export their crops.



Bryant Built A Firm That Earned Millions From Federal Lobbying

2000: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $360,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2000]


2001: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $220,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2001]


2002: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $210,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2002]


2003: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $450,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2003]


2004: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $513,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2004]


2005: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $730,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2005]


2006: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $760,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2006]


2007: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $720,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2007]


2008: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $140,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2008]


2009: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $20,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2009]


2010: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $40,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2010]


2011: Bryant Christie Inc. Reported A Total Lobbying Income Of $10,000. [Bryant Christie Inc. Annual Lobbying, Center for Responsive Politics, 2011]



BRYANT: At the Seattle Port Commission, I cut taxes and defended middle class jobs.



Bryant Fought Against Raising The Minimum Wage For Airport Workers

Bryant Opposed Raising Wages Across The Board At The Airport. In March 2014, The Seattle Times reported, “It's also clear the commissioners themselves disagree about whether wages should be raised across the board. Commissioner Bill Bryant, one of the more conservative members, said at the Feb. 11 meeting that he opposes it. ‘I will not support a one-size-fits-all solution that could undermine minority and women-owned businesses, or that could cause some people's hours or benefits to be cut, or that could reduce opportunities for folks that are already struggling,’ he said.” [The Seattle Times, 3/17/14]


Bryant: “I Will Not Support A One-Size-Fits-All Solution…” In March 2014, The Seattle Times reported, following the passage of Proposition 1 in SeaTac, Bryant said he opposed raising the minimum wage for airport workers to $15 an hour. “I will not support a one-size-fits-all solution that could undermine minority and women-owned businesses, or that could cause some people's hours or benefits to be cut, or that could reduce opportunities for folks that are already struggling,” he said. [The Seattle Times, 3/17/14]


Bryant Opposed An “Absolute $15 Minimum Wage For Workers At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.” In June 2015, the Auburn Reporter reported, “Bryant opposed an immediate, absolute $15 minimum wage for workers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.” [Auburn Reporter, 6/11/15]


Bryant Voted To Lower The Salary Increase For Workers & Give A Massive Raise To The CEO

2010: Bryant Voted To Lower The Base Pay Increase For Port Employees. In November 2010, Bryant voted to amend the 2011 Salary and benefit resolution, covering Port employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, to decrease the proposed pay range increase to 1 percent to 3.5 percent, down from 2 percent to 3.5 percent. The measure failed on a 2-2 vote, with one commissioner absent. [Minutes, Seattle Port Commission Meeting,11/09/10]


2011: Bryant Voted To Give The Port’s CEO A 9 Percent Raise –To $366,825 – While Increases For Other Port Staff Was Capped At 3.5 Percent. In March 2011, The Seattle Times reported, “Port of Seattle commissioners gave CEO Tay Yoshitani a pay raise Tuesday, to a base salary of $366,825 effective this year. The commissioners voted 3-2 for what amounts to a 9 percent increase. Raises for Port staff have been capped at 3.5 percent, according to Commissioner John Creighton…Yoshitani's previous pay, including deferred compensation, was $334,300, said Charla Skaggs, a Port spokeswoman…Voting for the raise were Albro, Rob Holland and Bill Bryant. Gael Tarleton and Creighton voted against it.” [The Seattle Times, 3/02/11]


Bryant Even Refused To Support A Resolution Honoring Public Employees

Bryant Did Not Vote In Favor Of Motion Honoring & Supporting Public Employees.In April 2011, Bryant abstained from voting on a motion “honoring and supporting public employees.” The motion read, “The Commission honors and respects the work of all our public employees, and will continue to call on them to carry out their duties and be creative about making the Port more transparent, productive, and efficient.  The Commission reaffirms our support for workers across Washington State to organize and to bargain collectively. We oppose any attempt to restrict or eliminate collective bargaining in the State.  The Commission reaffirms our commitment to a fair and respectful process and to bargaining in good faith with our public employees.” The motion carried by a 3-0 vote, with two abstaining. [Minutes, Seattle Port Commission Meeting, 4/12/11]



BRYANT: As your governor, I’ll bring a new perspective, not a partisan one, to innovate schools, and generate middle class jobs for Washington families. 



Bryant Is The Definition Of Partisan Republican…


Bill Bryant Has Spent At Least $45,00 Trying To Elect To Republicans. According to CQmoneyline and the Washington State PDC, Bryant has contributed $45,175 to Republican interests - $29,450 at the Federal level and $18,280 at the state and local level. Bryant has contributed $3,000 to President George W. Bush and $1,000 to Sen. Mitch McConnell. [CQ Moneyline & Washington State PDC, accessed 5/09/15]


      Bryant contributed $3,000 to President George W. Bush. [CQ Moneyline, accessed 5/09/15]

      Bryant contributed $1,000 to Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).[CQ Moneyline, accessed 5/09/15]


Bryant: “It Is Incredibly Important That We As Republicans Keep Control Of The Senate.” Speaking to kickoff event for Republican candidate for Senate Lynda Wilson in May 2016, Bryant said, “It is incredibly important that we as Republicans keep control of the senate.” [Bill Bryant, Lynda Wilson Kickoff Event, 5/14/16]


Bryant To Republicans: “From The U.S. Senate To The Governor's Mansion To The Secretary Of State To The Attorney General To The Lieutenant Governor, We Will Be Washington.” In January 2012, the Aberdeen Daily World reported, “Republicans gathered in Ocean Shores on Saturday under the rally cry of ‘12 in 2012,’ hoping to win four seats they need to get control of the state Senate and the eight needed to control the state House…‘Let us help people believe that the American dream still exists and is within their grasp, that they can reach out and have greatness and opportunity,’ Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant told the audience. ‘That is being a beacon and that will attract independent voters…We will provide that positive leadership this year and when we do we will not only carry King County but from the U.S. Senate to the governor's mansion to the secretary of state to the attorney general to the lieutenant governor, we will be Washington.’” [Aberdeen Daily World, 1/29/12]


…Who Won’t Even Rule Out Voting For Donald Trump

KIRO: “Bryant Won’t Say Whether He Is Endorsing Donald Trump.” On June 25, 2016, KIRO 7 reported, “Bryant won’t say whether he is endorsing Donald Trump.” [KIRO 7, 6/25/16]


NW News Network: “Bryant Said ‘We’ll Have To See’ Whether Trump Would Be A Good Partner For Washington State.” NW News Network reported, “In an interview with public radio Bryant said ‘we’ll have to see’ whether Trump would be a good partner for Washington state.” [NW News Network, 5/21/16] 



BRYANT: After 32 years of one party controlling the governor’s office, a fresh perspective would be healthy for Washington. It’s time.



Bryant Wants To Bring Typical Republican Positions To Washington State

Bryant: Chris Christie & Scott Walker Have “Both Been Able To Stand Up And Say This Is The Direction I Want To Take Our State. And That's The Kind Of Leadership We Need In Washington Right Now.”Appearing on John Carlson’s radio show in May 2015, asked about Chris Christie and Scott Walker, Bryant said, “I think they both provided leadership. They've both been able to stand up and say this is the direction I want to take our state. And that's the kind of leadership we need in Washington right now.” [John Carlson, KVI Radio, 5/ 18/15


Bryant Opposes Initiative To Raise Statewide Minimum Wage. In May 2016, The Everett Herald reported, “[Bryant’s] not embraced a proposed initiative to increase the statewide minimum to $13.50 an hour in 2020. He has repeatedly said he is ‘uncomfortable’ with an across-the-state hike because of its potential burden on businesses in areas where the cost of living is not as high as King County.” [The Everett Herald, 5/18/16]


Bryant Claimed The Reason Employers Were Hiring Fewer Full-Time Employees Was “Related To The Affordable Care Act.”At a Camano Island Republican Women’s Club event in March 2016, responding to an attendee’s claim that 80 percent of new jobs created were part-time minimum wage jobs because employers don’t want to hire full-time workers and pay health benefits, Bryant said, “That is largely a federal problem. It’s a federal problem. It’s related to the Affordable Care Act.” [Bill Bryant, Camano Island Republican Women’s Club, 3/29/16]


Bryant Said “Of Course” The Public Should Be Allowed To Own AR-15s. In January 2016, appearing on the Todd Herman Show, asked if the public should be allowed to own a AR-15, Bryant said, “Yes, of course. I support the Second Amendment.” [The Todd Herman Show, KTTH, 1/20/16]


Bryant Said The State Legislature’s Vote Against Overturning The Human Rights Commission Rule Was “Probably Not The Decision I Would Have Made.” In March 2016, appearing on KIRO radio, asked about the state legislature’s vote against overturning the Human Rights Commission rule protecting the right of transgender people to use the bathrooms consistent with their gender identities, Bryant said, “It’s probably not the decision I would have made, but it’s a decision that was made by a democratically elected government body. So it’s the decision.” [KIRO Radio, 3/9/16]


Bryant: “What’s Wrong Or Inadequate With The Federal” Voting Rights Act “That Would Require A State One?” Appearing on KIT in Yakima on April 29, 2016, asked about his thoughts on the Washington Voting Rights Act, Bryant said, “We have a federal voting rights act, and so what I'm confused about is what's wrong or inadequate with the federal one that would require a state one? Why can't we just make sure that we're implementing the federal one, and those are questions I'm asking as I get more and more into this issue.” [Bill Bryant, KIT Yakima, 4/29/16] 


Bryant Opposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Included “An Earned Legalization Program” & “Eliminated Current Family Barriers.” In May 2010, Bryant voted against adding language in a letter from the Port Commission to Congress that stated comprehensive immigration reform should, “addresses fairly and realistically the status of undocumented workers in the United States through an earned legalization program,” and “creates legal and orderly processes for workers and their immediate families to enter the United States, and eliminated current family barriers.” The measure passed by a 3-1 vote, with one commissioner abstaining. [Minutes, Seattle Port Commission Meeting, 5/11/10]


Bryant Attacked Gov. Inslee For Welcoming Syrian Refugees To Washington. In November 2015, Crosscut reported, “Gov. Jay Inslee, has grabbed headlines in recent days […] after forcefully stating his welcome for Syrian refugees […] Bryant has latched onto Inslee’s comments and is openly attacking him for being imprudent.” [Crosscut, 11/21/15]

Inslee urges unity in the face of ‘fear and hatred’ in speech at Redmond mosque http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-urges-unity-in-the-face-of-fear-and-hatred-in-speech-at-redmond-mosque Wed, 06 Jul 2016 19:13:41 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/inslee-urges-unity-in-the-face-of-fear-and-hatred-in-speech-at-redmond-mosque Gov. Jay Inslee speaks at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound mosque in Redmond on Wednesday. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

Dozens of signs urging “silence please” did little to stifle the buzz from the roughly 2,000 people who crowded Wednesday into the Muslim Association of Puget Sound mosque in Redmond.

Guest speaker Gov. Jay Inslee addressed the overflow crowd on Eid al-Fitr, the ceremonial last day of Ramadan.

“I respect silence,” Inslee said. “I think there is a time and place where silence is needed. … But today is not a time for silence in Washington. Today is a time where we stand up on our two feet and say with all the virtue and strength we can summon from our hearts, that all faiths and all communities and all quarters of the state, that we intend to stand together and embrace one another and not allow fear and hatred to divide our best communities in the state of Washington.”

Inslee’s speech was preceded by Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) President Mahmood Khadeer offering his thoughts on the current political landscape, the xenophobia facing the Muslim community and the violent acts of the Islamic State group.

Khadeer, whose mosque was the target of a telephone threat last month, said the Muslim community faces unjust repercussions from acts of terrorism.

“Every time there is a terror attack, the Muslim community faces the backlash,” he said. “We have men being punched, shot and stabbed before prayers. We have protesters with guns outside mosques in Texas. We have women in hijabs being ridiculed, we have kids at school being bullied … and we have threats being made to our places of worship, including this one.”

Among those in attendance were Issaquah residents Neimeh Shalash, her husband, Mohammad Kaddoura, and their two boys, Omar and Bashir. They said anti-Islam sentiments and threats have made them more worried recently about the Seattle community where they’ve lived nearly 20 years.

“I grew up in Kentucky, but I never felt any different there,” said Shalash after the service. “For the first time in my life, I worry. I worry about my kids. I look twice when somebody looks at me, and I worry that something is going to happen.”

“Because of politics going on, with Trump, my kids are aware of it and people talk about it,” she added. “I’ve been noticing kids pick up some of the rhetoric that unfortunately is not positive against anyone that’s not like them.”

Inslee — who is running for re-election in November — was joined by Redmond Mayor John Marchione and Redmond Police Chief Kristi Wilson.

Wilson was presented with an award recognizing her force’s strong relationship and involvement in the MAPS community.

“It’s very important for us,” Khadeer said of the support for the mosque, the largest in the Puget Sound region. “I think he [Inslee] is one of the examples of sticking with the American values of liberty, freedom and equality for all religions, races and lifestyles. He’s an embodiment of that.”

Inslee’s message was in line with his statements last November, when he insisted that Washington would welcome refugees at a time when other governors around the country said they would oppose hosting Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks.

From October 2014 to September 2015, 25 refugees from Syria entered Washington state. 

Nonetheless, Inslee’s remarks led to protests outside the Capitol last fall and opposition from Rep. Jay Rodne, R-Snoqualmie, who called Inslee’s opinion “utterly irresponsible.”

“The people who are building the state of Washington, many of them are here,” Inslee said Wednesday. “When we have threats from anyone, including wayward politicians or those who would do violence in our mosques, you bet I will call you and stand with you.”

Gov. Inslee directive targets more LGBTQ inclusive workplaces for state agencies http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-inslee-directive-targets-more-lgbtq-inclusive-workplaces-for-state-agencies Tue, 28 Jun 2016 13:21:00 -0500 http://www.jayinslee.com/news/articles/gov-inslee-directive-targets-more-lgbtq-inclusive-workplaces-for-state-agencies Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants to recognize the LGBTQ community for more than just one month out of the year. 

So he's issued a directive to promote LGBTQ inclusion practices and policies into state government. 

In a video message, Inslee says the state's work isn't done when it comes to improving on LGBTQ community issues and policies. 

And that's why he's directing state agencies to continue to foster inclusion with this new initiative. 

Inslee: "We'll also be sharing best practices that we're already doing and spreading good ideas throughout state government. And I'm directing state agencies to develop safe places in state agencies bringing smart programs that are already working in Seattle to all the state of Washington." 

Inslee is referring to how the directive was inspired by a program started in Seattle a little over a year ago.  

Safe Places Seattle was created to address the rise in crimes against LGBTQ people, particularly on Seattle's Capitol Hill. 

The program makes it easier for victims of hate crimes to find a local business that will shelter and help them while they call 911. The businesses display a special rainbow logo in their window. 

Seattle police officer Jim Ritter is the program's liaison.

Ritter: "Well it started a conversation which hadn't been had before. Its brought a lot of public attention to the problems some of the victims from the LGBT community have in dealing with people on the street who may assault or harass them because of their sexual identity or perceived sexual identity." 

Ritter said the program has helped increase the reporting of these types of crimes in the community. 

The state's version would start by creating an employee focus group that would develop more inclusive workplaces.