Climate and Clean Energy

Climate and Clean Energy

Jay is a national leader on climate change and clean energy. Known as the “greenest governor in the country,” he has made Washington state a leader in both the fight against climate change and growing clean energy jobs — something he knows will be vital to our economic comeback post-COVID.

Under his forward-thinking administration, Jay set the state on a pathway to a carbon neutral electrical grid by 2030 and to be powered by 100 percent clean electricity by 2045. We have built the cleanest energy grid in the nation and a $6 billion wind energy industry, while also increasing the use of solar energy and electric vehicles.

  • Committed Washington to have a carbon neutral electrical grid by 2030 and 100% clean energy electricity by 2045
  • Built cleanest energy grid in nation and helped build a $6 billion wind energy industry
  • Signed orca and salmon protections

Jay has been dedicated to protecting the national resources our state holds dear, enacting crucial orca and salmon recovery bills to protect the safety and livelihood of Washington’s most iconic wildlife. He has committed his administration to improving outdoor recreation for all Washingtonians by putting an end to the cuts in the state parks’ budget and securing additional funding to maintain our facilities.

Jay knows that Washington’s clean energy economy and jobs are the future of our state and our economic recovery. Just as he has through his first two terms, Jay is dedicated to investing in infrastructure to create jobs across our state. He led the passage of the greenest transportation package in our state’s history to create an estimated 200,000 jobs. These smart investments in clean infrastructure will create long-lasting, future-proof jobs.

Jay’s Priorities

With Jay as governor, Washington has led the nation with bold solutions to support working families. Together, we will guide Washington to a better, stronger and more just future.