Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery

Under Jay’s direction, Washington state has put working families first. 

The COVID-19 crisis has been a difficult time for Washingtonians and their families, and Jay has used every avenue at his disposal as governor to ensure protections for workers out of work and those on the front lines. Additional unemployment and sick leave protections, eviction bans and rent freezes, and other measures have assisted families during this difficult time. As businesses across our economy were impacted, Jay offered grants to small businesses to help prevent closures.

As Washington starts our economic recovery by reopening safely in phases, we must come together again to lift each other up — not simply to restore the economy of our past, but renew and strengthen Washington for decades to come. 

During Jay’s tenure, Washington has made historic steps to improve the lives of Washingtonians. In his first term, Jay led Washington out of the Great Recession. By his second term, he brought Washington together to create what CNBC rated the top state for businesses and Oxfam declared the best state for workers.

Our economic recovery must focus on that same innovative, progressive spirit that Washington state has always espoused to enhance the economic security and opportunity of all in our state.

Jay believes no one should have to choose a paycheck over their own health or taking care of loved ones. To ease this burden on working families, Washington voters passed mandated paid sick leave and Jay signed into law the best-paid family and medical leave plan in the nation. 

 Washington has become a model for the rest of the nation at providing families the security they need to take care of their aging loved ones, creating the-first-in-the nation long-term care benefit program for seniors. This is a monumental achievement that allows families to afford assistance and other care benefits so their loved ones can age with dignity.  

 Jay knows workers deserve the right to earn a living wage. Under his leadership, Washington has raised the minimum wage for working Washingtonians and seen wages rise faster than nearly every other state in the country. 

Because of Jay’s progressive, forward-looking priorities for working families and his steady, thoughtful leadership to protect them during the COVID-19 crisis, Washington families are better protected and prepared to rebuild our great state for a brighter future.

Jay’s Priorities

With Jay as governor, Washington has led the nation with bold solutions to support working families. Together, we will guide Washington to a better, stronger and more just future.