Health Care

Health Care

Jay believes every family in Washington should have affordable, accessible health care. Under his leadership, Washington has become a national leader in health care access and affordability. 

Jay has protected and expanded access to health care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to nearly 800,000 additional Washingtonians, driving uninsured rates to record lows. And when the Trump administration and Republicans worked to overturn the ACA, Jay defended Washingtonians, signing legislation to set in stone that no person in Washington state could be denied health coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition. But he didn’t stop there, signing a first-in-the-nation public option to lower costs for Washington families. 

To make sure working families can provide the necessary health and care for their aging loved ones, Jay signed a first of its kind public long-term care benefit program so that seniors in our state can age with dignity and receive the care they deserve.

  • Expanded the Affordable Care Act to nearly 800,000 Washingtonians
  • Protected those with pre-existing conditions and women’s reproductive rights
  • Signed first public health care option in the country
  • Passed historic long-term care benefit program so seniors can receive the care they need

Everyone, everywhere deserves reproductive freedom and Jay has made Washington state a leader in reproductive health care. He helped to pass and sign the Reproductive Parity Act, which requires health plans that include maternity care services to also cover abortion services and for all health plans to cover over the counter contraceptives without a prescription.

We must change how we take care of people who suffer from mental illness in Washington state. That’s why Jay championed and signed legislation to integrate physical services and behavioral health services by significantly transforming the state’s mental health system and reshaping how and where patients receive care. 

Health care is a fundamental right and Jay will never stop fighting to make sure every Washingtonian has access to affordable health care coverage.

Jay’s Priorities

With Jay as governor, Washington has led the nation with bold solutions to support working families. Together, we will guide Washington to a better, stronger and more just future.